CQ Studio focuses on the use of regenrative materials. Photograph: courtesy CQ Studio

A sustainable fashion factory is launching a series of workshops in East London to teach teenagers the skills and techniques necessary to support a more ethical industry.

CQ Studio, which focuses on regenerative materials and systems of production, will host classes for 14-19-year-olds with little or no experience.

Participants will not only learn technical skills such as hand embroidery, weaving and material dyeing, but will also build portfolios to prepare them for job applications in the fashion world.

The studio was founded by Cassie Quinn, who focuses on the research and development of regenerative, local textiles, as well as using waste to create new materials.

Course participants will receive training in applying for jobs in the fashion industry. Photograph: courtesy CQ Studio

Speaking to Future Fashion Factory, Quinn said: “I loved thinking holistically about the entire supply chain and understanding the impact of every system change.

“Everything on the planet is connected and what we create has consequences.

“We need to anticipate the negative impacts of every new solution and address them from the earliest stage of development.”

The sustainable fashion programme launches on 26 April, hosted by Poplar’s Spotlight Youth Centre.

In addition to the classes, it will include talks with brands and designers who practice similar eco-friendly methods of design and creation.

Sarah Nelson, director of programmes and communications at the Foundation for Future London, which is bankrolling the initiative through its Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, said: “This project for young people addresses the much-needed skills gaps for East London’s diverse emerging talent, who need ways into sustainable creative and fashion sectors.”

For more information, visit cqstudio.uk.