Kate has set up the box at Hackney City Farm. Photograph: Kate Poland

Award-winning community gardener and Citizen columnist Kate Poland has set up a seed giveaway for those who want to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs while at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Kate has left a box of seeds at Hackney City Farm so people can help themselves when the farm is open for the Get Loose food shop or for Growing Communities’ vegetable box collections.

People can also donate seeds using the box.

Kate has left flower seeds and some vegetable options to get the project going, most of which are suited to growing in pots and small spaces.

She is also planning to drop marigold and everlasting sweet pea seeds in donation boxes found on certain streets, so keep your eyes peeled when you’re out for exercise or essentials.

You can also request seeds by getting in touch with Kate at hello@cordwainersgrow.org.uk and she will drop them somewhere safe while out on her daily bike ride.

If you need some tips on growing in small spaces, read Kate’s column on how to do just that.

You can also check out Hackney Herbal founder Nat Mady’s handy instructional video on sowing seeds.

For more information on Hackney City Farm, including where it is and when it is open, head to hackneycityfarm.co.uk