Edward and Jennifer Benyon (left) with staff, children and parents from Literacy Pirates. Photograph: Stefan Jakubowski

Flying cars, sparkly playgrounds, robots doing the grocery shopping, and a helmet that enables super-hearing.

These are just a few of the predictions for the year 3022 that young people across Hackney have come up with.

It is all part of a project by local charity Literacy Pirates, which runs an after-school programme inside its famous ‘ship’ in Dalston for children who need extra help with reading and writing.

Each member of the young crew was asked to dream up a character living 1,000 years in the future, and to create a poster describing a day in their character’s life.

These posters are now on public display during the summer on hoardings on Northchurch Road, thanks to a partnership with property management firm Benyon Estate.

Young Pirate Yassin, aged 10. Photograph: Stefan Jakubowski

Literacy Pirates boss Jude Williams said: “For the spring term, the children have been working on an audio project to help with their creative writing. Each of the children has recorded their 3022 world story and had them shared on our website.

“They also created this ‘day in the life of’ piece of creative writing, which is turned into an illustrated poster, and we’re so excited to see these up on display.

“The children have all worked hard on imagining the world and bringing their ideas to life through words. There’s everything from robot pets to technology that solves global issues to solutions to our transport problems.

“We’re grateful to the Benyon Estate for giving the children a space to have their work on display and share their imaginations.”

The charity’s year-long programme is open to children aged nine to 12 whose teachers think could benefit from extra-curricular support, and it aims to develop literacy, confidence, and perseverance.

The young pirates’ work is published in books, films and audio projects, giving them real world outcomes for their efforts.

Sessions take place in fantastical spaces designed to look like the inside of a ship, and are led by qualified teachers with support from by volunteer ‘crewmates’.

The charity currently has its telescope out in search of new volunteers. No qualificiations or skills are required, just enthusiasm and a commitment to help out at least once a month.

To find out more, visit literacypirates.org.