Polling station credit Martin Deutsch

Cast your vote on 5 May. Photograph: Martin Deutsch

Eligible Hackney residents get to cast their votes in two elections on 5 May, and Town Hall watchers will be intrigued to see if control of the council changes – and whether the controversial introduction of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) will cause an upset.

The road closures, designed to cut car use and pollution, have proved a hot topic for residents.

Other issues include housing, recovery from the pandemic, concerns over policing, and the cost of living crisis, as well as the cyber attack on the council and its impact on residents.

Residents will vote in two elections – one to choose the directly elected mayor, and another to pick their local councillors.

Labour has held the mayoral office ever since it was created 20 years ago, and Philip Glanville is standing again after six years in the role.

Oliver Hall is the Conservative candidate, Zoë Garbett is running for the Greens, Helen Baxter is the Liberal Democrat candidate, and Gwenton Sloley is running for Hackney People Before Profit.

The eagle-eyed will spot that Hall, Garbett and Baxter are all standing in the council election too.

There are 57 seats up for grabs, representing 21 wards. Most of them have three councillors, with six smaller ones served by two councillors.

Hackney Council has long been controlled by the Labour party, although the Conservatives were in charge from 1968 to 1972.

No party achieved overall control between 1996 and 2001, at which point the Labour party was returned to power.
Recently, Labour held 52 seats and the Conservative opposition held five.

This year, Labour and the Greens are fielding the full set of candidates, while the Independent Network is putting forward 10 – including three in Hackney Central – in the hope that they can pick up votes from those opposed to LTNs.

Tabitha Morton is running for the Women’s Equality Party in Clissold and Vernon Williams is an Independent candidate in Hackney Wick.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition has seven candidates standing across Cazenove, Hackney Downs, Hoxton East & Shoreditch, Hoxton West, Stoke Newington, and Victoria.

All eyes will be on Dalston, where the Greens were pipped to the post by Labour by 21 votes in 2018.

Hackney candidates are as follows:


Soraya Adejare, Labour; Pearce Branigan, Conservative; Mark Douglas, Green; Andrew Neadley, Liberal Democrat; Clare Potter, Labour; Gitta Wigro, Green; Joanna Zolnierzak, Conservative.


Daniel Alexander, Green;  Rishiduth Bootna, Conservative; Naomi Byron, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition; Stephen Fielder, Green; Eluzer Goldberg, Labour;   Maria Hornero Garcia, Green; Javed Isrolia, Liberal Democrat; Darren Martin,  Liberal Democrat; Sam Pallis, Labour; Ian Sharer,  Liberal Democrat;  Caroline Woodley, Labour.


Frank Baffour, Labour; Sade Etti, Labour; Heather James, Liberal Democrat; Diana Mikolajewska, Conservative; Tabitha Morton, Women`s Equality Party; Monika Nierzejwski, Conservative; Fliss Premu, Labour Party; Feodora Rayner, Green; Kelly Reid, Independent Network; Marie Remy, Green; Reiner Tegtmeyer, Green; Julia Zolnierzak, Conservative.


Grace Adebayo, Labour;  Olu Adesanu, Independent Network; Zoë Garbett, Green; Alton Hassan, Liberal Democrat; Esther Petrou, Independent Network; Scott Tyrone, Green; Peter Snell, Labour.

De Beauvoir

Polly Billington, Labour; Tom Dewey, Labour; Heather Finlay, Green Party; John Hodgson, Liberal Democrat; Nicholas Lee, Green; Samantha May, Independent Network.

Hackney Central

Clair Battaglino, Independent Network; Sophie Conway, Labour; Nicholas Costley-White, Green; Ben Hayhurst, Labour Party; Patricia Holloway, Liberal Democrat; Peter Kellett, Liberal Democrat; Desmond Kirby, Independent Network; Stefan Liberadzki, Green;  Imogen O’Rorke, Independent network; Dave Raval, Liberal Democrat; Sheila Suso-Runge, Labour Party; Florence Wedmore, Green.

Hackney Downs

Alastair Binnie-Lubbock, Green; Agnieszka Cuellar-Bridy, Conservative; Michael Desmond, Labour; Clare Doyle, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition; Bettina Maidment, Green;  Erika Merguigi, Liberal Democrat; Nikodem Mikolajewski,  Conservative; Sem Moema, Labour ; Charlie Norman, Green; Ruth Parkinson, Independent Network; Anna-Joy Rickard, Labour; Joanna Wojciechowska, Conservative.

Hackney Wick

Clive Ardagh, Green; Stuart Coggins, Green; Chris Kennedy, Labour; Piotr Lipinski, Conservative;  Joseph Ogundemuren, Labour; Piotr Pietrzyk, Conservative; Laura Salisbury, Green; Anna Socha, Conservative; Jessica Webb, Labour; Vernon Williams, Independent.


Karolina Bugaric, Conservative; Kathryne Chalker, Green; Niall Crowley, Independent Network; Humaira Garasia, Labour Party; Jon Narcross, Labour; Midnight Ross, Labour; Alice Spendley, Green; Maxime Vers, Green.


Robert Chapman, Labour; Anna Lynch, Labour; Milton Morris, Conservative;  Benjamin Newman, Green; Guy Nicholson, Labour; Brenda Puech, Green; Thomas Richardson, Green.

Hoxton East & Shoreditch

Kam Adams, Labour; John Clinch, Liberal Democrat; Conan Cook, Green; Chris Newby, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition;  Sandy Nkolomoni, Conservative, Steve Race,  Labour; Anya Sizer, Labour; Peter Smorthit, Independent Network; Nicholas Thorp, Green; Chesca Walton,  Green

Hoxton West

Daniel Enzer,  Green;  Oliver Hall, Conservative; Cheuk  Ho, Green; Yvonne Maxwell, Labour; Kit McCarthy, Green; Clayeon McKenzie, Labour; Geoffrey Payne, Liberal Democrat; Carole Williams, Labour; Robert Williams, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

King’s Park

Josephine Holden Wilby, Green; Peter Jones, Green; Sharon Patrick, Labour; Ali Sadek, Labour; Lynne Troughton, Labour; Donell Walter, Green.

Lea Bridge

Juliette Bigley, Liberal Democrat; Douglas Earl, Green; Margaret Gordon, Labour; Ruth Jenkins, Green; Yaakov Lauer, Conservative; Yeshoah Liebowitz, Conservative; Deniz Oguzkanli, Labour; Ian Rathbone, Labour; Marzena Sterner, Conservative; Sally Zlotowitz, Green.

London Fields

Anntoinette Bramble, Labour; Carrie Hamilton, Green; Les Kelly,  Liberal Democrat; Lee Laudat-Scott, Labour; Can Ozsen, Labour; Paul Urwin, Green; Graham Woodruff, Green.


Christian Adams, Liberal Democrat; Benjamin Hughes, Green; Andrzej Krajewski, Conservative; Richard Lufkin, Labour; Romaine Murray, Independent Network; Ifraah Samatar, Labour; Felix Thomson, Green.


Christiana Ajiginni,Labour; Noah Birksted-Breen, Green; Sean Boylan, Liberal Democrat; Celia Coram, Green; Clifford Gully, Liberal Democrat; Julie-Anne Hogbin, Green; Michael Jones, Labour; Shaul Krautwirt, Conservative; Michael Levy, Conservative; Laura Pascal, Labour; Mark Smulian, Liberal Democrat; Simche Steinberger, Conservative.

Stamford Hill West

Ahmad Bismillah, Labour; Johnny Dixon, Green; Peter Friend, Liberal Democrat; Lewis Garland, Green; Tony Harms, Liberal Democrat; Hershy Lisser, Conservative; Benzion Papier, Conservative; Faruk Tinaz, Labour.

Stoke Newington

Anna Chomicz, Conservative; Mete Coban, Labour; Charlene Concepcion, Green; Susan Fajana-Thomas, Labour; Pauline Levy, Conservative; Siobhan MacMahon, Green; Thrusie Maurseth-Cahill, Liberal Democrat; Richard Scarborough, Green; Gilbert Smyth, Labour; Robert Thomas, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition; Weronika Zolnierzak, Conservative.


Jamie Barber, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition; Helen Baxter, Liberal Democrat; Rolf Dekker, Green; Monika Hoppe-Krajewska, Conservative; Clare Joseph, Labour; Sandra McLeod, Green; Wendy Robinson, Green; Leijla Softic, Conservative; Margaret Trotter, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition; Claudia Turbet-Delof, Labour; Penny Wrout, Labour.

Woodberry Down

Yisroel Cik, Conservative; Catherine O’Shea, Green; Anthony Rose, Green; Caroline Selman, Labour; Agnieszka Wypych, Conservative; Sarah Young, Labour.