The boy is lifted by his armpits (centre) before being carried across the road. Image: Shomrim

Volunteer neighbourhood watch service Shomrim has shared a video of a group of youths harassing a 10-year-old Jewish boy in Stamford Hill.

CCTV footage of the incident, which took place on 9 December, was shared on Twitter yesterday.

The video shows members of the group approaching the 10-year-old as he walks home alone from school. The child is then lifted by his armpits and carried across the road to a nearby front garden.


The Jewish Chronicle reported that the boy was released a short time later, distressed but with no physical injuries.

Shomrim said the incident is the latest in a long campaign of harassment by the group.

The service told the Citizen that the culprits are “mainly males between 14 and 16 years old” who “have been involved in hundreds of incidents over the last few years”.

It added: “Most of the crimes involve racially abusing children and the harassment of females of any age.

“Crimes include throwing of the kippa worn by Jewish children as young as seven or eight, stealing scooters, and lying in wait for children returning from school.”


Stamford Hill police patrolled today in response to concerns from the local community. The force said on Twitter that it is “making good progress in identifying suspects”, who are thought to be connected to the Webb Estate in Clapton.

Shomrim has been working in close contact with the police to support the investigation.

The group said: “This is an enormous problem that has local families living in fear. Children are scared to go out alone.”