Aron Klein (right) was elected as a councillor for Stamford Hill West in 2018. Photograph: Hackney Conservatives

Aron Klein has resigned as councillor for Stamford Hill West ward due to ill health.

Klein secured the Stamford Hill West in the 2018 London local elections alongside his fellow Conservative Cllr Benzion Papier, who is now the sole elected representative for the area.

Most recently, the former councillor received attention for his statements rejecting LGBT education as “confusing” for children, arguing that the introduction of Ofsted oversight to Orthodox Jewish colleges would give students “ideas of atheist, gay, early childhood sex”.

Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville, whose sexual orientation was directly referenced in Klein’s comments, condemned him for “bigotry” at a full council meeting, adding that he “does not have a view of morality that is suitable for this chamber or this council”.

An investigation into the former councillor’s comments by the Conservative Party is understood to be ongoing.

A by-election is expected to be held on 6 May 2021 alongside the elections for the Greater London Assembly for the vacancies in Kings Park and Hoxton East & Shoreditch following the resignation of Labour councillor Tom Rahilly and the election of Feryal Clark to parliament.

A spokesperson for Hackney Conservatives said: “Cllr Klein has tendered his resignation due to ill health.

“Whilst we didn’t always agree with his sentiments we are grateful for his contribution and wish him a speedy recovery.”

A spokesperson for Hackney Labour said: “We are sorry to hear about Cllr Klein’s ill health and hope he makes a full recovery.”

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