Far out at sea


The fox outside

Barks harshly

A cough and a scream

Rolled into one


A bit of wild outside

Roaming through our gardens

And his cry tears through the night

Leaves me wide awake


In darkness, in this room, this house

Where I must stay where I am safe

Cocooned in walls, my blanket heavy

And my thoughts swirling


For a while we were suspended

Like a comic book figure over the abyss

But the fall will come

I can see now that it will


And that everything will change

Nothing can stay as it was

We must morph and adapt

And find new ways to navigate the world


When we’re allowed to leave this safety net

That’s pulling close across our soft throats

The more we thrash in it, like fish, slippery

In their net, on the heaving hulk of a boat


Far out at sea.


Tamara von Werthern is an award-winning playwright based in Hackney.

You can read more about the success of her dystopian short film, I Don’t Want To Set The World On Firehere.

Her play The White Bike, and climate change book Letters to the Earth, featuring her contribution, are available at Pages of Hackney bookshop on Lower Clapton Road, which is currently closed but still selling book tokens.

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