Thumbs up: Pupils Muhammad Abdul Jabbar and Juwayriah Miloudi.
Photograph: Olive School

Hackney’s Olive School has won a Silver Mark in the government-backed School Games awards in recognition of its commitment to sporting participation and success.

The School Games Mark, funded by Sports England and run by children’s charity Youth Sports Trust, evaluates schools’ provision over the previous 12 months.

A Mark is awarded on the basis of four criteria: participation – the number of pupils engaged in sports; competition – the number of different sports being played; workforce – the number of pupils involved in leadership activities as well as sports; and clubs – a school’s links with local sports clubs.

The Olive School’s sporting year has included successes in cycling, cricket, cross-country running, table tennis, athletics, and even orienteering – the school secured second place in Hackney’s Orienteering League.

Twenty children gained Level 2 Bike Ability and a further 40 took part in the ‘Biker’s Breakfast’ initiative which encourages pupils to cycle to the school on Cazenove Road.

Mustafa Snell and Maryam Khan finished in the top 35 of a strong field in the borough’s boys and girls cross-country race.

Olive School principal Caterina Park said: “We are delighted to have been recognised for our success across a wide range of games and sports activities, recognising our participation, involvement in local inter-school competitions, engaging our staff and the range of sports clubs offered to pupils.

“We are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our competitions possible.

“We are looking forward to a full programme of activities again over the school year ahead.”

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