Save the Chesham Arms Group

‘Save the Chesham Arms’ campaigners outside the pub in 2016

The Chesham Arms pub in Homerton has become the first ‘community asset’ in Hackney to hang on to its protected status, the Town Hall has announced.

The 150-year-old boozer on Mehetabel Road was first awarded ‘Asset of Community Value’ (ACV) status by Hackney Council in 2013 following a successful neighbourhood campaign to save it.

ACV status affords the local community a six-month window to bid for the pub should its owners decide to sell up.

The five-year protection, which must also be taken into account in any planning applications for the pub or its land, was set to run out this year.

James Watson of the local Churchwell Residents’ Group said: “It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since the beginning of our neighbourhood campaign to save the Chesham Arms!

“Thanks to the firm action of Hackney Council and the investment from publican Andy Bird and his team, we had the great pleasure of celebrating the relaunch in June 2015.

“Now this latest ACV renewal will help to ensure that the pub continues to thrive as a community hub far into the future.”

Watson said he was grateful for the council’s “healthy and positive attitude” in recognising and protecting community infrastructure.

Francophone: Cllr Guy Nicholson

Cllr Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Planning, Business & Investment

Hackney’s planning chief Cllr Guy Nicholson said: “Pubs play an important role in the daily life of communities and a local economy. Once these buildings are lost to other uses it is rare to see them return to their original use.

“Re-designating the ACV status of the Chesham Arms sends a clear message to the owners that this venue and the community around it is important and must be considered in any future plans for the building.”

There are currently nine properties on Hackney’s ACV list, five of which are pubs.

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