Having a ball: a recent Prostate Cancer Roadshow in Newham. Photograph: Spink Health

Having a ball: a recent Prostate Cancer Roadshow in Newham. Photograph: Spink Health

It may not sound glamorous, but bringing prostate cancer into the spotlight is necessary to prevent avoidable deaths.

This is the mission that charities Orchid and Cancer Black Care have set out on.

Their Prostate Cancer Roadshow will arrive in Ridley Road Market on Monday 22nd May to give free information and advice on the early signs and treatment options for this type of male cancer.

This Roadshow is part of a new three-year project, called ‘Changing Lives – engaging black African and Caribbean men at risk of or affected by prostate cancer’.

It specifically targets members of the African and Caribbean community who are twice as likely to be hit by prostate cancer than white men. The illness is also more likely to affect younger men from this community, often from the age of 45 onwards.

Questioned about why this happens, Prostate Cancer Project Lead Okey Arinze pointed at hereditary conditions such as higher levels of testosterone. However, he explained that while prevention may not always be possible, learning to recognise warning signs and getting an early diagnosis can make a real difference.

“Prostate cancer kills more black men because they’re diagnosed late. When it’s caught early, it’s treatable and curable”, he said. “We hope this event will help improve the understanding of male cancers in the local community and provide vital knowledge that will help save lives”.

The Roadshow will take place on Monday 22 May from 9am – 4pm, at Ridley Road Market in Dalston, E8 2NP

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