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Residents launch petition over Crossrail 2 plans to dig up Shoreditch Park

Crossrail 2 Shoreditch park ventilation shaft

Full steam ahead: TfL outlines plans to build on Shoreditch Park. Image: Ordnance Survey and Transport for London

Residents have launched a petition against plans to build a ventilation shaft for Crossrail 2 that would occupy part of Shoreditch Park.

Transport for London (TfL) has earmarked five spots around the park’s recreation ground for a shaft.

The two-storey construction would take up a chunk of land 25 metres square and take up to six years to complete.

Britannia Leisure Centre faces demolition under one of the proposals and a site in the north-west corner of the park itself is also under threat.

Local resident Oli Wood told the Hackney Citizen: “I’m not against Crossrail 2 at all. If anything I think it’s really necessary. However, they should use existing brownfield sites.

“The park is busy every morning and evening with dog walkers, sports teams and fitness groups – even in winter. All the local schools use the park, it’s the only large green space in such a densely populated part of London.

“Six years of building work, noise and air pollution, it just seems crazy they would consider it when there are sites by the canal they could use.

“The spot where they are suggesting in the corner is often used by nice old gentlemen who play cards and games like that.

Mayor Jules Pipe has also slammed the plans: “We are completely against any vent shaft in Shoreditch Park.

“We see the protection of our parks as a priority, and know how valued they are by our residents and what an asset they are to the borough.”

Other proposed sites are in Eagle Wharf Road and Britannia Leisure Centre car park.

“We are currently in discussions with TfL over its various options for shaft sites in Hackney,” said Mayor Pipe.

“There are a range of complex elements to consider for each site, and we will submit our formal response to TfL’s consultation next month.”

Michèle Dix, TfL’s Managing Director of Crossrail 2, said: “We are currently consulting on five possible locations for a Crossrail 2 shaft in the Shoreditch Park area from which a single location will be chosen.

“Our latest plans differ from our initial safeguarding and are result of engagement with the local community and a revision of plans to reduce the size of the worksites.”

The £20bn Crossrail 2 project will link Enfield with Surrey via central London.

Click here to submit a response to the consultation by 8 January.

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