Patrick Vernon, founder of Every Generation

Patrick Vernon, founder of Every Generation

What do you really know about your family? What secrets are embedded in the past and are waiting to be discovered? Get to know the real you by unearthing your family’s history and find out why and how you ended up in Hackney with ‘Hackney Routes’.

Led by Every Generation, the Hackney Museum and the Hackney Archives, this new initiative is set to help African, Caribbean and mixed race families delve deep into their pasts and create a picture of the who, what, why and when.

Supported by Discover Hackney, participants are invited to attend a number of free workshops and events to help in their search for answers in what can be a minefield of information.

Patrick Vernon, facilitator of the sessions, said, “I first had the idea after speaking to a number of young lads who knew nothing or very little about their family history. I strongly believe that   understanding your family’s roots and why you’ve ended up in a borough such as Hackney can really help people develop a sense of identity and belonging.”

And, as founder of Every Generation, an online resource for the black community, Patrick has years of exploring family history and genealogy under his belt.

“ It’s all about giving people security and confidence in the area they live and encouraging them to foster a personal connection to Hackney,” he continued.

“This in turn will hopefully motivate these residents to invest in the area and become a solid part of the community, helping them make a difference. It’s all about the sense of belonging and wanting to contribute to the community.”

Anyone wishing to take part should email Patrick Vernon or call 0845 260 5565.

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