Hackney RFC raised over £2,000 for local children’s charity Hackney Quest

Hackney RFC raised over £2,000 for local children’s charity Hackney Quest

Running 10k through the borough after work might sound a little daunting to most, but for Hackney RFC it seemed the perfect way to combine their training with some fundraising.

So earlier this year the club ran from their home at Springhill to Victoria Park, and raised over £2,000 for local children’s charity Hackney Quest in the process.

Last Saturday members from Quest headed down to Hackney’s home ground to thank the team ahead of their league game against Old Millhillians (which Hackney duly won).

Hackney RFC have recently stepped up their involvement in social inclusion and charity work in the borough, building on their success in recruiting over 200 children to the game since 2004, and in growing from a club with only one adult team to fielding three this year (the first time the Hackney club has had three teams for 14 years).

On Monday nights the club hosts Hackney Hitz. The scheme, run in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and Premier Rugby, offers free coaching to children at risk of social exclusion and anti-social behaviour.

Development Officer Morgan Whitlock explained why the club chose to support Hackney Quest. “We believe that being a successful sports club is about more than just winning games.

“It’s about getting local people engaged in sport and leading active lives. Hackney Quest do an amazing job of providing young people in Hackney with the opportunity to participate in activities they wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. We really wanted to do our best to get behind this brilliant project.”

And Whitlock says that this years run won’t be the last. “We’ll certainly be running again next year, and our plan is to make this an annual open event, allowing people the chance to take part in a local event to support a brilliant local charity.”

Hackney Quest’s Project Director Colette Allen explained what the money meant to the charity. “This is a fantastic amount of money and we are really grateful to the Hackney RFC for all their hard work and effort in running 10k to help the young people of Hackney.

“We are planning to put the funds towards our 21st birthday party/reunion to be held on 10 December and will be inviting the lads along to say “thank you” publicly.  Our youth participation group, who are running the event, would like to pass on their thanks to the whole team, and we all look forward to this becoming an annual, open event.”

To contact Hackney RFC, email rugby@hackneyrfc.co.uk
More information on Hackney RFC.

To contact Hackney Quest call 0208 533 5480
More information on Hackney Quest .

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