News / 9 August, 2011

Turkish shopkeepers stand firm against rioters in Dalston

Local Turkish community successfully defends its shops and businesses and chases potential looters away

Kingsland Road Shacklewell Lane junction Dalston 2130 Monday 8 August

Police block off the end of Shacklewell Lane, Dalston. Photograph: Hackney Citizen

Whilst serious violence hit the borough last night as disturbances spread across Hackney Central, Hackney Downs and London Fields, further west in Dalston the Turkish community took to the streets to defend their shops and businesses on Kingsland Road.

There were a series of small confrontations from around 9.30pm between groups of youths and Turkish business owners and other members of the Turkish community on Kingsland Road, just north of Crossway.

One Turkish man told the Citizen that the youths had attempted to attack the Tugra baklava shop, but that it had been successfully defended by the community without police help.

Kingsland Road Dalston 2230 Monday 8 August 2011

Members of the Turkish community gather on Kingsland Road, Dalston. Photograph: Hackney Citizen

This incident resulted in heated arguments between the youths and members of the Turkish community which later escalated when the youths reconvened further up the road as a larger gang of 16, some covering their faces with bandanas or scarves.

They walked past the Turkish businesses but having provoked a situation were suddenly forced to make off down the road past Dalston Kingsland station, chased by over 100 Turkish men and youths, some of whom had picked up sticks and were waving them threateningly.

Earlier in the evening, at around 9pm, a 236 bus was set alight in Shacklewell Lane by a group of youths; the bus driver told the Citizen that he and the passengers were allowed to get off the bus unharmed before it was set on fire.

Shacklewell Lane Dalston 2015 Monday 8 August

A 236 bus is set alight in Shacklewell Lane, Dalston. Photograph: Hackney Citizen


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/ 9 August, 2011
  • Duncan

    Good for the Turks! The scum savaging our city will mostly get away with it – good that some decent people are standing up to them. Sad that it has come to this but it seems to be this or surrender to the savages.

  • Gouldterrorist

    love the turks wish us white middle class pussys had half the balls

  • Ally

    the only reason they stood up is because they own all the businesses along green lanes and Kingsland & Stoke Newington high road. they weren’t protecting the area they were protecting their shops, a lot of the businesses there are owned by Turkish Mafia, for a matter of fact, which is why they wouldn’t fret to take up arms against a rioter wanting to smash up their shop… get your facts straight you dont even know the whole 101% media is fake-governments fake- police are fake. these rioters are taking it too far but at least someones making a statement. this country is so corrupt its unreal WAKE UP

  • Anon

    Erm Ally but is that not what the title is saying, they are defending their businesses???? In a way they are defending the area, for whatever their main purpose is, whether they are doing it for themselves they are still somewhat protecting the area. I don’t know what the problem is here!

  • Anon

    Erm Ally but is that not what the title is saying, they are defending their businesses???? In a way they are defending the area, for whatever their main purpose is, whether they are doing it for themselves they are still somewhat protecting the area. I don’t know what the problem is here! The only problem there and then was those rioters.

  • Seth

    Much respect to the Turkish folks.

    Ally – yes, I’m sure they’re all violent mafiosi who relish the opportunity for a scrap with noble, plucky youngsters who have the courage to ‘make a statement’ as you put it. Nothing to do with protecting small businesses and their families personal livelihood at all. I’m sure that along with the entire media being ‘fake’, no doubt all the reporting by individuals that were there or have lost their homes or suffered threats or violence at the hands of a bunch of opportunistic yobs is also fake…
    ‘WAKE UP’ yourself! Corruption and social injustice might be there, but it’s absolutely no excuse for this behaviour, which causes suffering and misery to individuals who don’t deserve it.
    But I’m sure that, as your mind’s clearly made up and you believe you have all the facts, you already have an easy and convenient rationalisation that invalidates what I naively take at face value as actual people’s experiences shared directly by them.
    Perhaps you should question your own dumbed down preconceptions before slating other people as ignorant?

  • Sarah

    Ally you’re an idiot. They’re defending themselves from stupid criminal looters, not “rioters taking it too far” – I hope you get your house burnt down and your family attacked – then you’ll see how heroic these ppl were defending themselves.

    Down with the riot. Up with peaceful protest against police disorder. Stealing shit doesn’t make a statement except “I am scum”

  • Tom

    Dear oh dear…..Ally you’re just confused beyond belief. Of course there is corruption in society, but is this the way to get things done? You really think there is a statement being made? Burning down family-run shops and homes really sticks it to the man doesn’t it! This is purely selfish feeding of their own excitement, and they have absolutely no political motive whatsoever (which wouldn’t justify this behaviour anyway).

  • Aykut

    Ally, you sound as much like a conspiracy theorist as is possible through a small message left on the internet. Yes, there are problems but that doesn’t mean you can make sweeping statements and massive generalisations. I have friends and family that work in those areas and some of them run shops too. This does not mean you can call them the ‘Turkish Mafia’. You obviously have a over-active imagination and malnourished rational abilities. Your statement is laughable at best and sickening at worst.

    You say the only reason they stood up against the rioters was for their own businesses but they have never claimed to have done anything more than that. We, as the public are labelling them as defenders of the neighbourhood. They have yet to claim themselves as self-appointed protectors. Besides, why is protecting your business/home (and probably family) not enough of a reason to act? You say it as if they were doing something terrible. Only protecting their businesses. Only. Be serious. You also shouldn’t claims things for a matter of fact. You have no facts. I have lived and worked in that place for many years.

  • Jamie G

    Whatever he said about the rest, it is absolutely true that a majority of the Herion trade comes from this group and this specifc area.

    I wouldn’t dare challenge that lot, even with the police backing me up I wouldn’t, Turkish Mafia they certainly are.

  • Derv

    Ally, so tell us, what possible political statement are rioters making when they are trashing pound shop for crisps, or pulling telly off the wall in ladbrokes? Or torching a family run furniture shop, or a trainer shop? Why don’t they take it to the man, and attack government offices and banks? I will tell you why – they are opportunistic thieving cretins that have never worked a day in their lives and think they are being hard when in a big group. Bring it on, you and the likes of you, come to Dalston tonight and have a go – and pray that police will be there to stop your head being kicked in. Disrespectful little oik.

  • Sid

    Turks are the best! Welldone…I just wish more people could have that courage,however I know it can be very indimidating being attacked by these thugs! They will regret this when things cool down and all the CCTV footages are released and they find themselves in a pickle to say the least…the picture of a woman jumping from the window of her house to save her life just says it all..

  • s

    They stood together as men. Pure and simple..they stood together…and said not in my neighborhood

  • CC

    I feel safer with the Turks around, they protect women and their community, something the police dont do, obviously…and i am not turkish f.y.i

  • Sezin

    Well done to the Turkish business owners for standing up to these thieves and protecting their livelihoods.

    Ally and Jamie G aka Beavis and Butthead im all for freedom of speech but you both sound so mindless and ignorant, im honestly embarrassed for you! youv both expressed such ridiculous and sweeping statements, goodluck in life!

  • morris james
  • Baroness Meral Hussein- Ece

    I am also proud that Turkish and Kurdish men stood firm and refused to allow their shops and businesses to be attacked. They succeeded in showing the looters and criminals that there are people in our communities prepared to take a stand. By doing this, they protected that neighbourhood, and the flats above the shops.
    Well done!

  • karamurat

    Bravo turk kardeslerimize!!!!
    Ne mutlu turkum diyene!!
    [Deleted by moderator]..o kadar daha gurur duyarim turk olmaktan. Ingilizin polisi hic bir sey yapamaz.
    [Deleted by moderator]

  • Neighbour

    A lot of Cypriot, Turkish, Indian, Pakistani etc. immigrants work extremely hard to earn a living, support their families, better themselves running shops and restaurants which are open for long hours and are much used and appreciated by the local community. Good for the shopkeepers if they wanted to see off the thieving, lazy, greedy, violent, stupid vandals who take satisfaction in destroying anything they can get at, and who have no understanding of what they already take for granted in this society. Never mind ‘talk to the youf’. They should make efforts to improve themselves and stop short-cutting by thieving, carrying guns, forming gangs. The vast majority of people do not have it all given to them straight away. Do these vandals really want a third world scenario of total lawlessness, which is where this is going? Well done to the Turkish shop keepers!

  • SAL

    I couldnt be more prouder to be a Turk. Lion hearts is what the Turks have. Ally your a stupid idiot, with s–t for brains. Its obvious your a yob and prob have no job. Im so happy to be born a Turk. PROUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. WELL PROUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

  • Mehmet

    Well done brothers proud to be turkish!!

  • Glory to the Turks!!

    When’s the Met going to finally abandon ‘policing by consent’ and start ‘policing by force’?

  • Kartal

    Yes Turkish brothers! We are proud to be Turkish!!! Never let anyone show disrispect to our culture or exquisite Kebabs!

  • Arif H

    [Deleted by moderator]

  • Joe in Missouri

    Look what happens when you give up your guns poor Brits!. Would you not rather be on the free Isle of Jersey where you can protect yourself? (or at least could)

  • Kay

    Well done guys!!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  • Mehmet

    Cool Turks showing their true face.
    Which is don’t mess with me and I won’t mess with you 🙂

    But I still don’t get it why do people do this stuff in the UK, why did it start because some dude in a taxi got shot by the cops?

    Very unclear.

  • anil

    by the way guys stoke newington road is run by kurdish people not turkish people all business owners are kurdish not turkish..

  • sef

    @ ANIL- Why you bringing something that is not necessary to the conversation? Does it matter Turk/Kurd? The thing that matters is those thugs/looters got what they deserved! They can’t be messing with people’s livlihood thinking it’s alright to loot businesses and alight houses and danger people.
    Turk/Kurd doesnt matter, We are all joined under one country, Turkey!
    MASSIVE respect to the Turkish/Kurdish community who stood up to these RATS!

  • dincyilmaz

    Ally you need to understand turkish behavior when they under attacked .You need to learn their history .Then you can easly find out that turkish always defend their places without any hesitation .I guess all english understand that when the time comes for help at least they are going to see that turkish people will be there .

  • mustafa

    anil u fucking dumb shit, do you know how many turkish shop keeper’s are there in dalston..! u fucking stupid ideot. don’t talk without knowing anything, u brainless.
    there is more kurds then turks are living in that area allahin dingil kirosu, konu neydi nereye getirdi ogulum sizin gibi gotverenlerin yuzunden zaten turkiye adam olmazki burasida olsun.

  • mustafa

    i ment more turks lives around ther then kurd’s.. don’t forget u ideot every one was there to protect something not just kurds.. stupid people like u, would only say things likes this..

  • döl bataklığı

    Turks are not the guardian of english people. They were defending their shops. BTW, … [deleted by moderator] … I’m proud to be Turk, but British gonna kick our ass after the riots. a True Turkish man have no rage. They fight with honor. Not bloodlust.

  • Suzi

    Balaclavas Versus Baklavas !!!! No Contest Eh !!??

    Well Done To All Who Stick Up For Themselves !

  • D

    Ally obviously seems to be a hater. the areas which are being attacked are owned by Turks yes… but other areas are also under attack and no one is growing balls to defend their property – mafia or not!

    Had people stood up for themselves then these little scumbags would have not rised so high. But this just shows, the weak just sit at home, criticise on the net and send rioter messages through facebook, whilst the brave stand their ground and fight.

  • Deniz

    i’m living in turkey and i found this newspaper site from google just becouse of being courios about the reactions about the title ‘turks defens their area’. it was very enjoyable to read whole the reactions. Yes that’s true to be proud to be a turk. But we shouldn’t exaggrate too much. That’s the usual thing what we do when we face an attack.Even if there were english shops they would do the same thing. The english community should understand one point clearly. Turks/kurds are always constructive community. Another clear example is the German example. İn german there are more than 3 million Turkish people living. they contribute the economy they have shops etc. but they are never rebels or riots.
    But the dreary thing in this debate is to see that the turk/kurd discrimination even here.

  • Up North

    @ally – talk to the hand pal!! Caus e no one is listening. You waste of space.!!!
    @anil – Cant quite gather of his origin as anil is an indian name where ANIL is turkish. as “i” in turkish used in 2 different formats. So coming back to the point anil stop stirring you fool I am a Turk grew up with Kurds and they are part of our Turkey. I guess you get the odd rotten amongst any society and you are one of them. But not quite sure which society you belong to. Maybe gossipin, bitchin and shit stirring one. That sounds just about right!!! Ağzina siçtiğimin Götoşu, beni oruçlu ağzimla pis pis konuşturuyo yaw!!

  • Turk

    well done brothers, well done.

  • Michelle

    Excellent. The ‘real men’ who work for their living saw off the toads and scumbags… Time for tough action.

  • Ozan

    Turks and Kurds we are all brother and sisters . Proud to be a Turkish , I hope my people’s reaction will be a model for the one’s who cares nobody but themselves

  • G

    I dont quite understand what being part of the mafia or not has to do with these guys looking after their livelihood? if there was a English shop owner in between the Turkish peoples shops, would they of let the rioters loot his shop because he was not Turkish or Kurdish? NO! if this happened in an area like..Hertfordshire where there are a lot of white people, and one shop owner decided to rebel against these scum bags…will it matter that he sells drugs on the side? in this circumstance no it does not matter. no i dont condone it but its beside the point! which society is perfect? some of these guys are my customers because im a rep in this area and most of them are just trying to put food on the table. So whats the problem? no one got hurt! they are all working today and making money! whos lost out?

  • Overwhelmingly positive comments (100%) from Londoners and across the world for these shopkeepers’ actions.

    They may be Turks and Kurds, but they’re also GOOD Londoners.

    Baklavas beat Balaclavas !!!! Brilliant! 🙂 🙂

  • gill

    i think they was brilliant standing together and protecting there business what they’ve worked hard for i wish evryone of us could of gone on the streets stood together and faced them scums i really do id like to see them youths stand up to everyone eles i say if it happenes again we do if the army cant back up the police we should,

  • gill

    actually there have been white indian and turks protecting there areas/business y do ppl always have to use ppls race if ur a pussy ur a pussy ant bout what colour u r

  • njbalik

    Hello from USA. I agree with many people here that you have right to protect your livelihood, your family and your neighborhood. Those businesses are part of that neighborhood. So it is natural to expect whoever it may be to protect their place. I am glad Turks have shown that. I don’t understand why its so hard people to understand that. Ally says they were protecting their business, I think they were protecting their livelihood and future and not to mention the utmost value to them their neigborhood. Businesses can be rebuilt but neigborhoods and giving looters the idea that they can do this again and there will be no one to stand up to them is like suicide.

  • Turkish-Kurdish Community in Dalston Gives Press Announcement For Riots in Britain

  • Mark

    Ethnic communities are closer and look out for each other in this country unlike Brits who dont really care about each other, I lived in London all my life and hardly know any White Brits, I Passed the area tonite and it looks all quiet, the rioters in that area would probably be all black , they would look real scary with hoods trousers half way down their backsides.

  • RICO


  • john

    long live brave Türks!

  • robbbbo


  • Michelle

    Türkish heart is very syrong. Turks are big people. Turks are king of history.

  • Cam

    Woooo! can everyone calm down a little here! I was under the impression that the worst of the attacks were over and here we are slating eachother.
    I’d like to simply say that I am proud to live in Dalston and would like to thank all the PEOPLE who defended OUR area against these mindless thugs. Can we please address the issue of how young people can become so cruel and heartless!

    Proud citizen of Dalston xx

  • emre dogan

    it is obvious that Turkish people will defend themselves and their money

  • The Great Smell Of Brute

    The Turkish and Kurdish set a fine example for the rest of us, when the authorities had failed them and every law-abiding person in hackney. Looks like decent people in other areas of London have followed their lead and have started to engage in robust self-defence!

  • Bedirhan

    Legitimate self-defense!!! Nuff said!
    Kudos to my people, Kurds and Turks.

  • Jason

    all stating that “they are defending their businesses”. wish we could do the same…


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