News / 1 June, 2011

Gay-free zone homophobic stickers: Muslim youth found guilty

An 18 year-old man was today convicted and fined £100 for putting up homophobic stickers in east London

gay-free zone

Gay-Free Zone stickers appeared in Shoreditch and Stoke Newington earlier this year

An 18-year-old man was today found guilty of distributing and displaying homophobic stickers in East London. Similar stickers had been spotted in Hackney.

Mohammed Hasnath, of Leamouth, Tower Hamlets, admitted putting up the stickers on the 25 bus, a bus stop in Whitechapel, Bow Church DLR station, and outside the Royal London Hospital, as well as handing them out to “random Muslim men”, between the 11 and 14 February this year.

He told police that he carried out the campaign “because in the Qur’an it was forbidden for any person to be a homosexual.”

Mr Darren Watts, prosecuting, said police were led to Mr Hasnath after CCTV from Bow Church DLR station showed stickers being put up on an information board.

Mr Watts also described how the community had been “deeply upset” by the stickers. A statement from Jack Gilbert, board member of Sandy’s Row synagogue in Stamford Hill said: “When I see that sticker I see the signs my mother saw in the 1930s, which actually carried less suggestion of punishment.

“For me, I saw an immediate threat,” Gilbert said.

Mr Hasnath was found guilty of using threatening words or behaviour, causing harassment, alarm or distress, under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, and fined £100 by Westminster Magistrates Court.

When first read the charges, he said: “I didn’t harass or swear at anyone, I just put up stickers.”

Sentencing, District Judge Jeremy Coleman said: “I think you used those stickers deliberately to offend and distress people; I hope you will think this through and will not re-offend again. You are not entitled to behave in this way.”

In his defence Mr Hasnath said someone else had given him the stickers, adding: “It doesn’t say that I am going to punish them; it just says what God says in the Qur’an. Plus, I didn’t know that the police were going to be involved.”

The court also heard Mr Hasnath is on bail for allegedly defacing a women’s fashion poster.

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/ 1 June, 2011
  • sam

    These Muslim fanatics need to be removed from our society.

  • stanJames

    Every Muslim should be forced to sign a statement that he supports equal rights for gays. A public list.

    The solution to the European immigration problem. They will all leave.

    Same in the USA etc etc. Most are good people, but many have a stone age mentality re gays.

    I was hoping that when the nuts of the Westboro baptistt church picketed the DC Muslim center, some muslim would do us a favor

  • Javeer

    The world must be a really safe place for small news like this to make the scene.

    If he stuck something and you don’t like it, take it off. Sheesh… stop being a wuss.

    The worlds full of people with their own opinions and views on things.

    The sticker itself isn’t threatful. It says “Fear God or else God will punish you”. So it’s more of a warning and warnings are like reminders of the consequence of our actions.

    Just like the government continues to warn us about global warming…”treat earth bad, worlds ends tomorrow”

  • Javeer –

    it would be great to rip the stickers down but that doesn’t deal with the underlying threat of violence – I assume most people are smart enough to deduce that sometimes people try to do “God’s work” on His behalf!

  • Matt

    We have we let people like this into our country? Looks like the country is busy heaping up its own funeral pyre after all.

  • Hakon Eyot

    Posters featuring women are frequently ripped down on Vallance Street, Whitechapel end

  • Joe

    Typical of how intolerant backward immigrants like Javeer are. The sign shows a peaceful and inclusive gay symbol (the rainbow) with a ‘no entry’ sign on it. The sign warning gay people not to enter muslim parts of London. And some backwards hick like Javeer says “it isn’t threatful”. If people all over the country put up signs with images of mosques and a “no entry” sign, would that be threatful? How about “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish”. 30 years of multi-culturalism, and the only people expected to be tolerant and inclusive are the white people in Britain.

  • Joe

    And it was the vast majority of the scum on this website who insisted these signs were put up by the EDL in the first place. Where are their comments apologising, uh? Well, on 9th July EDL is having 3 simultaneous national demos around Britain: Halifax, Derby, and Middlesborough. And EDL is going to Tower Hamlets in August. No-one is standing up for gay rights and tolerance but the EDL. The Left are a total joke – Tatchell was asking UAF to stop sucking up to the Muslims back in 2006. Now it is EDL who are setting the agenda.

  • Adam

    So, Joe… I guess you aren’t white, huh? Because you sure don’t seem very ‘tolerant.’

  • The Great Smell Of Brute

    @Javeer: you’ve made a false analogy – where’s the scientific basis for homophobia? And just how comfortable would you be with, say, stickers from the National Front or British Movement appearing in Whitechapel, calling for all muslims to be deported from the UK?

  • The Great Smell Of Brute

    @Joe: I would agree that NO ONE, other than the EDL, has stood up for gay rights; but it’s a strange state of affairs when an English nationalist organisation, associated with football ‘firms’, has more to say against homophobia than many on the so-called left!

  • The Great Smell Of Brute

    ‘wouldn’t agree’

  • Maybe this convenient and tidy prosecution narrative is true. Personally I’d still like to know which side of the political spectrum this kid dresses on.

    And it is of course just as possible that this is one of those unfortunate kids who has been systemically raped by paedophile police chiefs and other local dignataries from an early age and who has been coerced into taken the rap, as they say.

    Who knows?

    Meanwhile, in reply to nonsense such as that written by “sam” … “Muslim fanatics need to be removed from our society.” and “matt” … “We have let people like this into our country? Looks like the country is busy heaping up its own funeral pyre after all.” … I would like to point out the obvious, PLENTY OF INTOLERANT IDIOTS ARE ALSO BORN IN THIS COUNTRY.

  • NoopyDoopy

    I would have hoped that 18 years would have better things to do with their life.


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