Parliamentary candidates Hackney North 2010 / 25 April, 2010

Matt Sellwood: Green parliamentary candidate for Hackney North

Tackling poverty, creating green jobs and supporting local businesses are top priorities

Matt Sellwood is the Green parliamentary candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington.

He grew up and went to school in south-east London, and then attended New College, Oxford, where he studied Modern History. He was elected as the city’s youngest councillor in 2004.

Matt Sellwood was Deputy Leader of Oxford City Council Green Group from 2004 to 2008, and served as an opposition member of the City Council Executive Board from 2005 to 2008. He was a member of the Green Party National Executive in 2005.

In 2008, he moved back to London to work for Friends of the Earth. He now lives in Stoke Newington is a freelance campaigner and writer on issues of environmental and social justice.

Matt Sellwood’s priorities

Tackling the unacceptable levels of poverty and poverty-related illness in the borough

Making Hackney a leading borough in combating climate change through green collar job creation and money- saving energy efficiency programmes

Creating a new, grassroots community-led politics

Supporting local businesses in the face of competition from large chains

Matt Sellwood said, “I’m standing for Parliament because, now more than ever, Hackney needs fresh ideas and fresh hope. The increasing levels of poverty throughout the borough illustrate the failure of Labour policies in Hackney to address the issues that affect people’s everyday lives.

“The growing gap between rich and poor has become entrenched, and this just isn’t good enough from a national government and local council that pays such empty platitudes to equality and fairness.

“Increasing inequality throughout the borough illustrates the failure of the Labour party to address the issues that affect people’s everyday lives. It has failed dismally by its own standards.

“We need a Green New Deal for the borough and for the country. While unemployment rises and climate change becomes more urgent, the Green party’s policies can reduce poverty and create hundreds of jobs here in Hackney – and a million jobs nationwide – through renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes, while reducing carbon emissions and building a more sustainable future for us all.

“Now is not the time for tinkering around the edges of politics. Now is the time to vote for a party that offers communities a better Hackney, a party that isn’t squabbling over the same  politics that has failed us so badly, a party that speaks up for the people who really need a voice in Parliament. Only the Greens are bold enough to offer this promise.”

Find out more about Matt Sellwood on his website.

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/ 25 April, 2010
  • Diane Costello

    Matt hasn’t any chance of being elected when competition like Diane […] Abbott has this sort of campaigning material: [or try ]

  • Digital Scotsman

    He does however have lots of chance of being elected as a councillor – check out last year’s results –

  • Jed Keenan

    With the Green Party candidates at least in the UK this time round they should have a better showing but then none have read the Sustainable Communities Strategy, none have attended public meetings of the business of the Council or the strategic partnership Team Hackney, none have attended Full Council, or Overview and Scrutiny Board, or any of the Scrutiny Commissions.

    Voting Green seems to fail a simple effective representation in Council test of knowing anything, whatsoever, about the business of the Council.

    Governance is the one variable in the economic opportunities available to my son and his peer group, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the reason or purpose for their candidature in our local elections.

    If I am wrong and it turns out that the three Green candidates in SNC [Stoke Newington Central ward] have, at least read the keystone strategic document, then great news, but if not then at least bother to read it now that it has been brought to your attentions.

  • What a strange attack. Not only have I attended several meetings of various council committees open to the public, I have also served as a councillor on another authority for four years, including three years on the Executive Board…


  • Jed Keenan

    Hello Matt

    That’s great to read, thanks. Have you had the chance to read the SCS yet? What do you think? And What did you think of the business of the meetings you attended? Which were they as I don’t recall seeing you but then I don’t attend Living in Hackney, Children & Young People, or Health in Hackney Scrutiny Commissions, or or Planning and Licensing for that matter.

    Yours sincerely



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