Leader – Tough climate for new mayor

The incoming mayor has their work cut out for them when it comes to green matters.

Whilst the council has approved a new climate action plan for the borough, what counts is the implementation.

Not-for-profit organisation Climate Emergency UK has rolled out a scorecard against which all councils are assessed annually. As would be expected, local authorities are scored on their actions, rather than simply on their plans.

There are significant obstacles to the local achievement of net zero. For example, it is not clear what roles and responsibilities councils should play, because there are no strategic targets at central government level.

The current lack of proper funding from Whitehall also makes it harder for councils to plan for the long term.

Meanwhile, the government has said it does not think statutory net zero targets for local authorities are needed because councils are already committed to achieving net zero.

Local obstructions may also hobble environmental efforts.

It’s a tough climate for the incoming mayor.