The group previously held a similar event at Millfields Park. Photograph: XR Hackney

Extinction Rebellion Hackney will host a family-friendly event in Clissold Park this Sunday to raise awareness of toxic air in Hackney.

Breathing Space will take place from 1pm to 5pm between Clissold House and Green Lanes, and will feature talks by local experts, nature storytelling, arts and crafts, bike repair, and gardening workshops.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy food while listening to live music, including Samba drumming.

Helen Coyle, local parent and member of Extinction Rebellion, said: “My eight-year-old daughter has a permanent cough that stops her from sleeping.

“We live on a main road in Stoke Newington and I worry about air pollution, especially in the heat when we have windows open.”

Visitors on Sunday will be able to hear from local activists and experts. Photograph: XR Hackney

On Albion Road, the level of air pollution is higher than 97 per cent of the UK, exceeding World Health Organisation safety levels for three different air pollutants.

The main causes of toxic air in the borough Hackney are road traffic, industry and construction.

In 2019, a global review published in the scientific journal Chest found that air pollution damages every organ in the body. Besides asthma and other respiratory conditions, it’s associated with increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, liver problems, and even dementia, as well as affecting fertility.

Hackney resident and Extinction Rebellion member Madeleine Bailey said: “This level of pollution is extremely worrying, with implications for everyone, regardless of age or apparent levels of fitness.

“We’re hoping that this event will provide an opportunity for people in the community to come together to discuss these issues and potential solutions, as well as a being a fun afternoon for the kids.”