New exhibition commemorates life under lockdown in Hackney

Please Believe These Days Will Pass. Photograph: Nathaniel Plevyak

A new exhibition at Hackney Museum uses residents’ artefacts and professional photographs to tell the story of the borough’s response to Covid.

We Are All In This Together: Hackney During The Pandemic will run at the Reading Lane museum until 4 June.

The free display features items donated by residents and community groups that explore how residents occupied themselves, found ways to cope, and stayed connected with other people.

The personal experiences of those who have contributed are varied, from the account of a woman becoming a first-time mother to an artist experiencing long Covid.

The Normality of Chaos by Wayne Snooze. Image: Wayne Snooze

The exhibition also reveals how local people showed support for NHS staff and other frontline workers.

Hackney Museum officer John Betts said: “The display presents Hackney residents’ varied experiences of the pandemic; from the ways people occupied themselves during the first lockdown’s ‘stay at home’ order, groups supporting NHS staff, to an artist documenting their experiences of living with long Covid through artwork.”

He added: “The Museum is still collecting first-hand experiences through personal objects, to ensure future generations will be able to understand what it was like to live in Hackney during this period of our history.

“If you have a story and object to share, please contact Hackney Museum with your suggestions.”

Covid-19 replicas by Lorenzo Saa. Image: Lorenzo Saa

The museum will also host a free event on 19 May to thank those who contributed to the exhibition. Those interested in how the pandemic affected local lives will have an opportunity to meet the people involved in shaping the exhibition, view the displays, and share their experiences with others.

We Are All In This Together: Hackney During The Pandemic is free to attend and runs until Saturday 4 June 2022.

Contact for more information.