A covered-up sign that previously banned drivers from turning into the A10 from Whiston Road. Photograph: Hackney Council

A series of banned turns in London Fields have been opened up to drivers in a move that the borough’s transport chief says is evidence that the council only employs “enforcement measures where there is a need”.

The Town Hall says it has been listening to feedback from residents and businesses following the introduction of a low traffic neighbourhood in the area – part of its plans to rebuild a greener Hackney and keep some of the benefits seen during lockdown.

As a result, it has successfully requested that Transport for London lifts restrictions on a number of turns into Richmond Road, Queensbridge Road, and the A10, which it feels are no longer necessary to reduce traffic.

Not all of the banned turns were enforced by cameras, but where they were, drivers will no longer face fines for breaching the restrictions. 

Transport boss Cllr Jon Burke said: “As we have always made clear, we don’t want to make a penny from drivers by issuing penalties for the sake of it. We only use enforcement measures where there is a need to reduce traffic, manage junctions, or improve safety.

“Now we have a low traffic neighbourhood in place – reducing traffic across the London Fields area – I’m happy that some banned turns can be removed, which will help improve traffic flows.”

The northbound left turn from Mare Street into Richmond Road, the turns at the Queensbridge Road/Richmond Road junction and the westbound right turn from Whiston Road into the A10 are now available to drivers.

Transport for London has also confirmed that roadworks at Dalston Junction will recommence from 30 November, helping to ease traffic congestion caused by temporary lights, after Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville wrote to Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner.

Glanville said: “I’m really pleased that, following comments from local residents, we were able to work closely with Transport for London to remove these restrictions [on banned turns] and get work started again on the traffic signals and upgrades at Dalston Junction.”

The council is urging all road users and residents to continue to engage on the various plans for a greener Hackney.

Residents can have their say here

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