Romilly Norton-Smith

A 10-year-old from Hackney has won first prize in a London-wide writing challenge judged by none other than national treasure Stephen Fry.

Romilly Norton-Smith, a pupil at Lauriston Primary School, impressed Fry and his fellow judge, historian Tom Holland, with her entry in the Scriptores Writing Challenge 2019.

The competition asked Key Stage 2 pupils across the capital to submit a 500-word story based on a Latin expression, and “join the ranks of great Roman writers like Catullus, Propertius and Virgil in creating a piece of writing that will stand the test of time”.

Romilly said: “It is really thrilling that Stephen Fry has read something I have written – he has interviewed JK Rowling!”

In her story, Being Guarded, antagonist Camilla find a piece of paper with the phrase ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’ written on it, and wonders what it means.

Romilly explained: “I googled some Latin phrases, and this one intrigued me as it suggested an exciting adventure story,”

The words translate to ‘Who will guard the guards themselves?’.

She added: “I wanted to set my story in modern day times to show how Latin is still relevant.

“And I wanted my main character to be a Latin beginner – she has to discover what the phrase means. I googled girls’ names that come from Latin, and found out that ‘Camilla’ means ‘newcomer’.”

Romilly has a severe visual impairment, and her parents Adrian and Clare told the Citizen how much their daughter’s achievement means to them.

They said: “We are so proud of Romilly for winning this competition. It is an enormous endorsement of her enquiring mind and a big boost for our hopes for her.

“Every parent wants to believe their child is gifted, and when you have a disabled child you want to believe in that more than anything, because you worry constantly about their future.

“That’s why this means so much for us as a family.”

Stephen Fry said he was “bowled over by the talent on show, which made judging a wonderfully exhilarating hardship”.

He added: “Congratulations to all the entrants and the winners — verba volant, scripta manent!”

That means ‘Spoken words fly away, written words remain’.

You can read Romilly’s story in full here

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