Ripley & Lambert, Dalston: ‘Café paradise for film fans’

Ripley & Lambert, a new independent specialist film bookshop and café in Dalston, provides a perfect escape from the bustle of Kingsland Road.

Named after the two female crew members of the spaceship Nostromo in the 1979 film Alien, the café is a paradise for movie buffs, who can learn more about all aspects of the industry.

While sipping tea or a rich coffee from a Brixton-based roaster, guests can browse through the curated range of books in the front room and basement, which range from film criticism and analysis to film-inspired cookbooks and biographies.

“We feel that books about film enhance the cinematic experience and Ripley and Lambert aims to be a place that welcomes all types and levels of film interest, to enjoy delicious drinks and snacks and books,” said Catherine Staples, the director.

However, Ripley & Lambert welcomes even those who are not number one film fans.

The café offers an elegant space for anyone who is looking to work, catch up with friends or just have a bite of food.

Visitors can flick through a book while enjoying fresh salads, sausage and spinach rolls, and delicious sweets, with plenty of gluten-free and vegan options.

Its art deco design, with the zigzagged black and white floor that references David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and the cinematic back room with a full GK-21 film projector, gives Ripley & Lambert a homely feeling that guests will not be able to resist.