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Transport for London lays out plans for new Cycleway between Dalston and Lea Bridge

An impression of what Lea Bridge Roundabout would look like with the Cycleway.
Image: TfL

The borough is set to get a major new walking and cycling route between Dalston and Lea Bridge under plans announced by Transport for London (TfL) and Hackney Council.

Residents have until 9 September to give their thoughts on the first phase, which will link Dalston to Powell Road in Clapton, as well as bring in traffic-calming measures and new crossings for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The initial work will also include upgrades to public spaces with more trees and plants.

It is part of wider plans for a three-kilometre Cycleway between Lea Bridge and Dalston, which is designed to make it easier and safer for people to navigate east London on foot and by bike.

Town Hall transport chief Cllr Jon Burke said: “Hackney is London’s capital of cycling, with a higher cycling rate than any other borough, the most modal filters, and the largest amount of cycle storage, but we need to make it even easier for people to use their bikes.

“We are working closely with TfL on proposals for this first stage of the Lea Bridge to Dalston cycling route, which will provide a direct cycle route to Dalston and central London via Cycle Superhighway 1 (CS1) for residents in Clapton and Lea Bridge.

“I’d urge people to have a look at the plans and get in touch with TfL to let them know what they think.”

A map showing the first and second phases of work on the new route. Image: TfL

The Cycleway would meet the recently expanded cycling network in Waltham Forest, where over seven kilometres of segregated tracks have been introduced as part of a mini-Holland programme.

It is also intended to complement Hackney Council’s proposals for protected cycle tracks on Mare Street and a connection to central London via CS1.

TfL planning director David Hughes said: “We’re working with communities across London to create walking and cycling routes, which will make it easier and safer for people to get around.

“Our proposals for Dalston and Clapton would enable thousands more people in the area to make everyday journeys by bike and on foot.”

A consultation on the first phase of the new Cycleway is open for people to have their say until Monday 9 September.

TfL says it will consult on the second phase of the route, which includes protected cycle tracks and improvements to Lea Bridge Roundabout, at a later date.

This second section will link to Waltham Forest.

Construction work to add protected space for cyclists on the CS1 route at Balls Pond Road is set to begin later this year.

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