Left: a seagull with a plastic wrapper. Photograph: Ingrid Taylar / Flickr. Right: Bettina Maidment of Plastic Free Hackney

Residents can get involved in a new campaign to reduce plastic pollution in the borough by taking a short, anonymous survey which launched today.

Plastic-Free Hackney’s Bettina Maidment, who recently joined forces with the Citizen, created the SurveyMonkey questionnaire to gather the community’s thoughts on plastic pollution.

Is the impact on wildlife your biggest concern? What about the dangers of “hidden” plastics? And what more do you think the council can do to help?

Your responses will help shape the Plastic-Free Hackney campaign and make sure it zeroes in on the issues that concern people the most.

The eight-question survey can be found here.

Bettina giving a talk on plastic pollution at Netil Market in July

Bettina said: “Plastic is inescapable in today’s society and the problems caused by plastic pollution is an issue that affects us all in one way or another.

“I want to make sure that the entire community is involved in this campaign and that as many people as possible are able to share their views on the issue – what they would like to see done about it and where they see the problems lie.

“This survey is a chance for your thoughts to be heard and will help to shape the campaign – ensuring we can address the matters that concern you.

“Please do take a couple of minutes to fill it in!”

The questionnaire is completely anonymous, and the results will be published by the Citizen in the coming weeks.

Please take the survey here

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