Saved: The Acorn pub in  Haggerston

Saved: The Acorn pub in Haggerston

The Acorn in Haggerston has became the latest Hackney pub to secure Asset of Community Value, or ACV, status – effectively saving it from demolition.

An application to knock down the early Victorian building in Queensbridge Road was registered by Hackney Council in October.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) swiftly nominated it for inclusion on a register of buildings with ACV protection.

James Watson, the East London pubs protection officer for the Campaign for Real Ale, told the Hackney Citizen this bid had succeeded.

He added: “To my knowledge, this is a first case in London, if not the whole country, where an ACV nomination has prevented the demolition of a building. We’ve effectively saved the Acorn.”

According to CAMRA, the first recorded licensed use of the Acorn was in 1839, and it is believed that the current building was constructed at around this time.

In a letter to the council, Watson argued that the Acorn had great historic and community value.

He added: “Despite not embracing the incomers to Hackney or availing itself of the copious volumes of quality craft beer brewed in the borough, the Acorn had its own regular following.

“These were locals who would gather on a weeknight to catch up with neighbours, the Saturday and Sunday afternoon sporting crowd from football in the autumn to national hunt racing in the spring, and warblers at the famed karaoke at weekends.”

The pub closed earlier this year but now looks likely to reopen in the near future under new management.

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