Labour’s Yvonne Maxwell wins seat on council in Hoxton West by-election

New councillor: Labour's Yvonne Maxwell

New councillor: Labour’s Yvonne Maxwell

Labour’s Yvonne Maxwell has triumphed in the Hoxton West by-election, despite a turnout of just 15.7 per cent.

The by-election was triggered after Philip Glanville stepped down as a councillor to become Mayor of Hackney.

Maxwell won 951 votes, or 68.3 per cent of votes cast.

Christopher Sills (Conservative) came second with 13.3 per cent of votes (185 votes).

Chantal Encavey (Liberal Democrats) came third with 9.6 per cent (133 votes), and Morgan James (Green Party) came fourth with 8.8 per cent of votes (123 votes).

The result is a hold for Labour and a swing from the Conservatives of 11.6 per cent.