News / 27 July, 2012

What’s life like as a child living in the Occupied Palestine Territories? – review

Palestinians visit Dalston to provide a touchingly human insight into life in the shadow of conflict

palestinian children

Maram, Asma, Zohra and Melanie (two schoolgirls from Parliament Hill School in Camden), Bibsi Haywill, (helper from Hackney) and Yara.

Asma is 21 years old, an English teacher and mother of two. Like so many parents Asma achieves the seemingly impossible and successfully balances the often all-encompassing spheres of work and family.

Yet Asma is different: Over two thousand miles from home, looking after children that are not hers, and speaking to people she does not know in a language that is not her own.

Asma is a Palestinian, and as is typical of this proud and defiant people she has taken a leap into the unknown, equipped with courage, intelligence and a determination to tell her, nay, the Palestinian story, or at least one of them.

On 12 July, Asma, along with Maram and Yara, both fourteen and pupils at the UNWRA School in the Palestinian Village of Beit Sourik at which Asma teaches, gave a moving talk to a large and willing crowd at the Dalston CLR James Library.

The event, titled What’s life like as a child living in the Occupied Palestine Territories?, was hosted by the Beit Sourik Hackney Friendship Association and was part of a larger initiative organised by the Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association that brought young people over from Palestine to spend time with Londoners of a similar age with the intention of learning “about each other’s very different lives”.

The initiative lasted two weeks and saw sixteen Palestinians, many of them aged between thirteen and sixteen, follow a hectic but nonetheless enjoyable schedule that would put most politicians – the same politicians who so often ignore their voices—to shame.

The last time Dalston Library hosted a similar event a complaint was lodged by the Hackney Anglo-Israel Twinning Association accusing the library of “one-sidedness.”

Yet listening to Asma, Yara and Maram it was clear that this was not about sides, and these extraordinary women were most certainly not pushing a competing political agenda. This was an evening devoted to a very human story, the story of the people—people no different from you or I – of Beit Sourik.

Beit Sourik lies just twelve kilometres Northwest of Jerusalem yet of more immediate geographical concern is the twenty-foot high wall – declared illegal by the International Court of Justice – that has been erected in Palestinian territory by the Israeli government and which now casts a morbid shadow over the surrounding landscape.

The ‘segregation wall’, as it has become known, surrounds and pierces through the heart of Beit Sourik, preventing the villagers from accessing the majority of their agricultural land: a crushing and potentially fatal blow to a community whose livelihood is overwhelmingly dependent on farming.

Over the course of the evening those in attendance at Dalston Library were given an insight into life in Beit Sourik and the hardships that its inhabitants, old and young, encounter: Journeys that should take minutes are made unbearably lengthy by Israeli checkpoints and stringent identification requirements, and access to hospitals and schools has become increasingly difficult and in some cases impossible. Yet these stories, delivered with defiance and courage, illustrate but an inch of life in Beit Sourik.

As the meeting drew to a close the audience, captivated and unsettled, began to ask questions, the most common of which was “what can we do to help?”

The answer they received was simple: “Educate”, educate people on the plight of the villagers of Beit Sourik and their Palestinian brothers and sisters, be it politicians, friends or neighbours, and do so until they begin to listen. Asma, Maram, and Yara were not asking for money, nor even sympathy, they were simply asking for support and solidarity: a worthy request for a worthy evening.

/ 27 July, 2012
  • Martin Sugarman

    I wish to strongly protest the content and tone of your article ,’What’s life like as a child living in the (so-called) Occupied Palestinian Territories?” (July 27th). As Jews are allowed to live anywhere between the Jordan and the Sea by article 80 of the UN Charter, then it is a very moot point that land stolen by the Arabs from the Jewish People in the first place in the 7th century, and Occupied by these Fascists and Imperialists ever since, can be ‘Occupied’ by the Jewish people; Jews can not ‘Occupy’ what is already Jewish in the first place. It would be like the Irish demanding England!

    Perhaps the Beit Sourik Hackney Friendship Association ought to be asking the Palestinians some hard questions. Why is the Israeli Security Fence (it is 95% fence and only 5% wall) built in Beit Sourik? Could it be because the village has been a source of suicide bomber terror activities in the past which killed Israeli women and children in buses and in cafes inside Israel? Could it be that Palestinian children have been incited by terrorists to be ‘human shields’ and pelt Israeli law enforcement forces with stones , or shelter snipers in taller buildings who then shoot into Israel across the green line? Hence check points which work as they save lives on BOTH sides of the dispute. Same as the walls in Northern Ireland , Bradford and West Sahara; not nice but necessary as relationships stand and until disputes are settled

    Why is Israel on the West Bank in the first place? Occupied illegally by Jordan, when it was allocated to the Palestinians as a State in 1948 by the UN Partition Plan, it was used by the Arabs to launch an existential attack on Israel in 1967; Israel struck first and liberated the West Bank and our Capital City of Jerusalem – built by the Jews 3000 years ago and which has ALWAYS had a major Jewish population. The UN passed Resolution 242 which clearly says Israel may withdraw from SOME of these areas IF the Palestinians sign a peace treaty. This they have failed to do for 44 years because if they do sign, they will not be able , before the world, to finally ‘drive the Jews into the sea’ – the declared aim of Palestinian Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinians in the street which is so clearly spelt out on their web sites and the sites of those Brits and others who support them.

    We are happy to openly debate these things but we protest the lies and omissions to which you are subjecting British children about just what it is the Palestinians are after, and fail totally to hear the views of the Israeli Jews; you incite British children to anti-Jewish views (for that is what anti-Zionism is – anti-Semitism writ differently) by pulling at people’s emotions by telling the hard luck stories of JUST the Palestinians, who are the source of the terrorism which built the fence in the first place.

    So when will you hear ‘What is life like for Israeli children living under Palestinian rockets and terrorist suicide bombers?”, I wonder. No time soon I suspect.

    You would do well to remember your history – Israel was Israel when the English were wearing bear skins and blue war paint; it has always been ours and no long Occupation by the Arabs will ever erase the racist ethnic cleansing they carried out against Jews over 1300 years of Fascist Islamism.

    All the rest is commentary; now go and learn it.

    Martin Sugarman

  • Benjamin

    The lengthy diatribe of Martin Sugarman (Chair of the Hackney Anglo-Israel Twinning Association) contains so many inaccuracies that it’s not feasible to address them all here. Suffice to say that every country in the world except Israel regards the West Bank as occupied territory and the Jewish settlement project on that territory to be illegal.
    His brand of ethno/religious blood-and-soil nationalism has more in common with the racists of the EDL than anything to do with justice.

  • Martin Sugarman is an old hand at making it up as he goes along. His selectivity on issues has hardly improved since he first planted his backside in front of the Ahava Shop in Covent Garden, so preventing any punters from buying products stolen from Palestinian lands.

    To be fair his language has improved since the day he sent me an obscene comment from his place of work ( F*** You) and this had to be brought to the attention of his employer. Martin did not take the reprimand well and still complains about his treatment.A poor loser.

    A bit odd that Martin quotes article 80 of the UN charter but ignores such as resolutions 242 and 338. To quote Mandy Rice- Davies…” well he would, wouldn’t he”.

    Michael Shanahan

    Member : Palestine Solidarity Campaign, writing in my personal capacity.

  • Linda Kelly

    Mr. Shanahan,

    I read your comments with interest, Mr. Sugarman is not the loser, he stands up for what he believes in. All he has said in his long article is; there should be two sides of the story told so people can make up their own minds.

    However, this is not what you are about, it is your truth in your personal capacity which you want right minded people to believe, your one sided story.

    In your zest to call him “poor loser” you made have shown yourself up, he never mentioned article 80
    but he does mention article 242. So eager to put your views across, does not matter if it accurate or not, just as long you can con people into believing it.

    Linda Kelly writing in my own personal capacity.

    I do not want people to take my views, I want them to go and read books which tell both sides of the story.

    We in should be helping both sides come together, so they can live in Peace, not fuel the fire.

  • Linda Kelly

    To anyone and everyone who may read this,

    Correction on the above, yes, I have just noticed Mr. Sugarman mentioned Article 80.

    However to those of you who should like an explanation on article 242 please take the time to read this link

    It could or may well be argued the author may be bias, but read his by line on the heading, and he has referenced others in the appendix.

    As I said we should be do all we can to bring Peace to the region, and not exploit young people to fuel the fire.

    Linda Kelly writing in my own personal capacity

  • Benjamin

    Linda Kelly states: “All [Sugarman] has said in his long article is; there should be two sides of the story told so people can make up their own minds.”
    No he doesn’t, he states that the West Bank is not occupied territory, and attempts to back that up by claiming that all the land belongs to Jews. This view flies in the face of the legal opinions of the UN and every state in the world – except Israel.
    Furthermore UN resolution 242 does not state “Israel may withdraw from SOME of these areas IF the Palestinians sign a peace treaty.”
    R242 refers to the areas of land that Israel siezed in the war of ’67. The resolution emphasizes the “inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war..”.
    However, if Sugarman is sincere in his belief that the West Bank is a legitimate part of Israel, he is in effect admitting that Israel is not a democracy since it is only Jewish settlers in the West Bank who are afforded any civic rights of that state.

  • Benjamin

    Linda Kelly – your “explanation” of 242 that you supply is largely hasbara which relies on repetition of Israeli myths regarding the build-up to the six-day war.
    But since you claim to be in favour of people reading materials that “tell both sides of the story”, you’ll have no objections to reading Cambridge University’s Professor Glen Rangwala on the subject(p5);

  • Martin Sugarman

    Shanahan is an old fashioned anti-Semite who wrote to my employer to get me dismissed; he cut and pasted e mails we exchanged when he saw a letter I had written to the press, to make it seem that I had harrassed him, when it was the other way around; when I told him to F off he put that e mail at the top. My employers saw through this when I showed them the email chronology on my PC and they told him he was vindictive and a liar. Sorted.

    Shanahan however is typical of the liars that populate all the Palestine Support Groups and twist history. So we in the Israel support groups dismiss him for the lunatic racist he is.

    To Benjamin I say simply this – the reason you do not address my response is because you have no answer; you know you back the evil wrongdoers and racist Arabs, against the good right – doers of the Jews succeeding in National Liberation!

    In addition International Law on matters concerning the West Bank is made up as the lawyers go along; they are not elected officials but individuals who have a prejudice against Israel because of their warped political views; no Parliament has made these laws; they are profoundly undemocratic and have their roots in the UN where over half of the members ALWAYS vote against Israel because they are anti-Semitic Arab or Moslem countries or vote against anything which is seen as pro-Western! Wake up boychick! His bias against Israel is clearly racist as he does not accept our history, just like the Nazis did not.

    The reason Arabs on the West Bank in the 20% controlled by Israel (pending a peace treaty) are not treated according to Israeli Civil Law is because they are not Israeli citizens, and are subject to Army Law. If the Israeli imposed Israeli Civil laws , then the ignorant like Shanahan and Benjamin would accuse Israel of annexation of the land by imposing Israeli Western style law; clearly Israel is looking then to hand back most of the 20%; but the Pals make such outrageous demands (Jerusalem, return of 4 million (??) refugees) that Peace is miles away.

    Remember, there are 1 million Jewish refugees from Arab lands, who had lived in Arab lands LONGER than the Arabs, excluding Saudi Arabia; they are living mostly in Israel; nobody’s letting them go back to their stolen homes, farms, gardens and businesses and communal buildings, leave alone compensation. They do not want to go back to be murdered anyway!

    If Israel is not a democracy, why is there an Arab on the High Court tribunal of judges, Arabs in the Knesset, in the sports world, in business partnerships, lecturing and studying at all the universities, etc etc? Such anti-Semitism and lies Benjamin;please grow up!

    As Amos Oz said, when Jews lived in Europe in the 19t/h20th century, the Benjamins and Shanahans of this world would shout ‘get back to Israel’; now we are home these same neo-Nazis shout, ‘get back to Poland’. So Jews and Israelis are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Simple Nazism. Nice company the ‘Friends of Beit Sourik and Abu Dis and of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, keeps.

    So stop exploiting Palestinian youth and British youth with lies and using them as political human shields, and have a mature open discussion in public, with a neutral and agreed chair, with both sides represented. Whoops! Sorry that is democratic, something that Arab culture and the PSC really do not understand

  • Benjamin

    Martin – “you back the evil wrongdoers and racist Arabs, against the good right – doers of the Jews succeeding in National Liberation!”
    Hmm – not the most incisive argument I’ve ever heard.
    I can assure that that as an internationalist I’ve never told anybody, of any background, to “get back to” anywhere. But since your position has now descended to anyone-who-doesn’t-agree-with-me-is-a -Nazi, maybe we should leave it there eh.

  • Martin Sugarman

    Benjamin you are really a joke. You say you are an internationalist but that as we all know is shorthand for Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist ; poor Trotsky – he was also a Zionist and he would be spinning in his grave as a Jewish Socialist (like me) if he knew how his name was taken in vain by anti-Semitic ranters who hate Israel. The Jews invented consience and justice; we do not need to be lectured by anyone about these topics; what we want is equal treatment for OUR people in OUR nation, and not the threats of ethnic cleansing promised by the Pals and their Arab and Islamist allies

    Perhaps you do not tell anyone to ‘go back’ but you support those who do. Someone ought to ask the Arabs to ‘go back to where they came from’ when they poured out of Arabia and destroyed the ancient Jewish, Christian and other communities of the Middle East with their forced conversions and massacres and ethnic cleansing?

    The trouble with my Leftist friends is they pick their causes and nationalisms. Palestinian nationalism, Irish, Greek, etc – all ok; Jewish, No! Has to be Jew hatred don’t ya know!

  • Andrew Dolan

    Dear Martin,

    I will respond to a number of your points before explaining the context and tone of my article. I hope you will find my brief reply—written exclusively in a personal capacity—sufficient.

    Firstly, for a resident of Hackney such as yourself to refer to Israel as “ours” is both perverse and illogical. To suggest, as your use of language does, that you, Martin Sugarman of Hackney, by virtue of your religious conviction possess a superior claim to land that you do not live in or work on than the people of Beit Sourik who do, is patently absurd. People’s homes and livelihood should not be subject to a three thousand-year old unwritten tenancy agreement, nor the claim of a British resident for that matter. I can assure you, the villagers of Beit Sourik and those of other occupied Palestinian towns and villages do not consider their homes and fields to be on loan from absentee landlords whose ancestors may or may not have lived there three thousand years ago. Just as I am also sure that you do not consider your Hackney home to be on loan from the bearskin wearing, blue faced Celtic tribes that once populated London’s marshes.

    I will say no more in this exchange on the history and legitimacy of the establishment and expansion of the state of Israel since it is not the primary purpose of this reply. I am however willing to provide a list of relevant specialist research materials that you may find to be enlightening.

    On a more serious note, to accuse the Beit Sourik Hackney Friendship Association of anti-Semitism is both irresponsible and ill-informed. If you had taken the time out to attend the meeting you would have witnessed a healthy and vital discussion on the crucial difference between criticising the policies of the Israeli government and anti-Semitism. Opposition to Zionism is not anti-Semitic as you irresponsibly suggest. One only has to look at the historically strong tradition of opposition to Zionism present amongst a large part of the global Jewish community, particularly the ultra-orthodox, to understand that opposition to Zionism, whether you agree with it or not, is certainly legitimate. Sadly, it seems your inability to distinguish between Zionism and Judaism has also crippled your ability to distinguish between Islam, Islamism, and Arab culture. I can assure you, there are “many Islams” and equally as many facets of Arab culture and opinion. To homogenise and negatively stereotype such diversity is ignorant, dangerous, and ultimately unwelcome in a serious discussion.

    My article was intended to provide an insight, limited as it is, into the lives of those who live under—an internationally recognised—occupation, specifically the residents of Beit Sourik. Nowhere does my writing challenge the right of Israel to exist nor the right of its citizens to live in safety and free from fear of attack, and nowhere for that matter does it lend support to Hamas or Hezbollah. For the record, I unquestionably support the right of Israelis to security and peace of mind yet not when it brutally tramples on the lives, land and hopes of the Palestinian people. You cannot secure freedom by depriving others of it. Not morally or practically. The wall—and yes, in the case of Beit Sourik it is indeed a huge concrete wall—has completely shattered the community of Beit Sourik: It is disproportionate and punishes those who are most vulnerable. One must always strive to criticise and hold under the spotlight oppression and abusive power regardless of its origin or supposed intention, and the excessive policies of the Israeli government in in this regard are no exception.

    Even so, rather than criticise this article and accuse an event that was progressive and positive of one-sidedness why not have the conviction of your rhetoric and utilise the links that the association you represent claims to foster and host an evening of ‘alternative’ perspectives. In answer to your question “when will you hear ‘What is life like for Israeli children living under Palestinian rockets and terrorist suicide bombers?’” my reply is simple: As soon as you want to.

  • Martin continues to tell his porkies and the original correspondence shows this.My complaint had nothing to do with harassment ( no spelling errors please) ) but was down to his obscene language to me when he wrote using his employer’s website . Strange that the employer wrote to me making the final position clear and in my favour. To be fair Martin is not that stupid since he has wisely avoided the same foolishness again.
    If Martin is so concerned with truth then he could offer to arrange a public meeting on ,say, The Case for Israel . Come on now Martin, face the challenge

    Michael Shanahan, member of P S C .

  • Linda Kelly

    Dear Linda

    Thank you for writing your two emails( original + a correction) and I will be pleased if you will try just a little harder on spelling and punctuation . Once you’ve done this you could then go on to the actual record using such as Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe etc. Your eyes will be opened and surely it will avoid you making such a pig’s ear in the future.

    Good wishes

    Michael Shanahan( P S C ) .

  • Linda Kelly

    Mr Shanahan,

    I do not need an English lesson from you, you and yours revert to insults when all else fails.

    I am glad you feel you have worthwhile cause to fight for. Keep fighting and I/we will do the same.

    I will not bother responding to any more of your emails, do not want to give you a platform.

    Linda Kelly wiriting in my own personal capacity

  • Martin Sugarman

    Andrew Dolan’s ignorance of Jewish history is breathtaking and so explains his comment that we cannot as Jews call Israel ours, WHEREVER Jews live. A large minority and possibly a majority of Jews round the world have spent years working in and visiting Israel , own a flat there, have family and friends there; it is a unique relationship explained by our history irrespective of religion; it is also political and national, just like the Irish question; go and learn it. It is so tiresome to have to try and explain this fact, I have no patience for the stupid anymore. You either know or you don’t, and that is it.

    I have travelled widely in 3 Arab countries and also the West Bank; I have never met an Arab or Moslem here or abroad who does not despise Israel or Jews in some form or other (except the amazing group called ‘Moslems for Israel’ which exists in the UK as part of the British Israel Coalition group and one or two individual Pakistanis I have met) and totally fails to see that if nationhood is alright for the Arabs/other Moslems, why is it not for the Jews in the land we have always lived in?? What is it that Andrew does not understand by the word ALWAYS?

    The opposition by left wing Jews to Israel is based on their passe Marxist view of History that nationhood is anathema compared to their ‘internationalism’; but when you ask them why they support , say, Irish or Arab nationalism, they have no answer. When you persist, it becomes clear that their opposition to Jewish nationalism is deep-rooted in their old support for Sovietism of various shades,which was traditionally anti Zionist, but they can NEVER explain why that should be different from other nationalisms – which seem to be OK! It is in fact rooted in all things anti capitalist and anti Western Democratic, which was in fact what drove Soviet Imperialism.

    Orthodox Jewish opposition from Neturai Carta is rooted in the tiny minority view of this bizarre sect , that you cannot have a Jewish State till the Messiah comes; after that it is OK. So when the Messiah comes they will suddenly become Zionists. If you believe that, then you will believe anything!

    The Jews of Israel never intend or intended to make lives hard for the Palestinians; Palestinian terror built the wall; total opposition from 1917 to the rebirth of Jewish statehood, led them into 4 wars against the Jews intended fully to exterminate the Jews of Israel – 1936, 1947, 1967,1973 – and all failed . Their intention is clear and you have to be blind or anti-Jewish not to see it – to destroy Israel. So go and read your history of the failed attempts by Jews to compromise and accept an Arab state on the West Bank and Gaza since 1936! Where was the Palestinian acceptance of a state in 1966 when the Palestinians indeed inhabited all the stolen Jewish land of the West Bank and Gaza then under total Arab rule? Nowhere because in their greed and imperialism they wanted it all – all Israel – then, as they do now. Wake up.

    You challenge us to an evening of how Arab terror has affected Israeli kids. In due course you will get it. But did you ever ask at the recent meeting of the Palestinian kids, how they feel about Arab terrorism of Israel, that so provokes the Israelis in the first place? I am 1000% sure you did not even raise the issue because all you types are interested in is trying to show that if a people are losing a futile struggle they must thus be somehow right and oppressed – when in fact they are wrong and the descendants of the Arab land grab of our country, and are not prepared to live alongside the Jews in a two State solution. Just go and look at the PSC and Palestinian web sites to see what they really want; genocide . You might also ask the PSC – who sponsor your nice cosy racist ‘gatherings’, why their logo shows a map of Israel with Israel not there! And ‘Palestine’ written underneath? Even a 10 year old knows what that means. Never Again.

  • Elliot

    Some of the usual über leftist Palsbarist lies are trotted out here as indeed they are ad nauseum by the Jewhater Nazi affiliated PSC

    When Jews are subject to death (and abuse), all over the planet for just being Jews -and the justification given every FRIGGHIN time is ” because you support Israel”- then it’s absolutely correct and proper that if Israel’s enemies conflagrate Jews and Israel in their disgusting Jewhate, then it is reasonable to assume that Hackney have done the same

    IF you should the same concern for ,say Syrian women and children or Kurds wup being slaughterd by Turkey or Tibetan being occupied and abused by China then we would rightly say you show genuine “humanitarian concerns”

    That you don’t, shows you are just another sad pathetic jewhate organisation masquerading as genuinely concerned for these Arabs plight, AND ONLY THESE ARABS NATCH, who would rather support the mysoginistic homophobic anti democratic anti free speech and free judicariaty and election Arabs rather than the free and equal for all in Israel – where over 1.3 MILLION ARABS BOTH MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN have the same rights as any Jew. How mAny Jews live in Palestine? How many Christians are being driven out ALL OVER THE ME AND EAST AFRICA not by Jews- their banned ie most of the ME is now Judenrein- but by Muslim Arabs,

    Answer me this:Article 7 of the Hamas Charter calls for the total destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews worldwide. Still happy?

    Now, the previous “occupier” of the land in question was JORDAN – NOT PALESTINE. Jordan illegally occupied it in 1948 so they were not a HIGH CONTRACTING PARTY; and they lost it in an act of aggressive war against israel in 1967.

    Now, in keeping with UN resolutions 242 and 338 and the Oslo Accords that followed, the land is indeed ‘disputed’. It remains disputed whilst the Palestinians refuse every offer of peace and every attempt to get them to agree a deal and agree borders. Why? Indeed tell me why a Jew or a Christian or a Muslim can’t build houses in Palestine. Is it because Palestine will be Judenrein? Do those who support the view that building in disputed land is “unhelpful” also support the ethnic cleansing of 600,000 Israelis who will be required to uproot if Abbas gets his way?

    Remember, Palestine has never existed as a country in the history of the world. Israel is not illegal building or transporting its population into Palestine. It is building in an area that everyone going back to Camp David/Clinton understood would be IN ISRAEL. Check the records, Guys

    One must never forget, and indeed must be reminded constantly, that if this was REALLY about Palestinian statehood, then why didn’t the Palestinian Arabs proclaim their state between 1948 and 1967 when Jordan ruled The West Bank? Any thoughts?

    If “settlements” REALLY are the problem, why did Israel have to endure THREE WARS OF ANNIHILATION by the Palestinians and their Arab allies before ONE INCH of the disputed areas was ever “occupied”

    Israel is desperate for peace as are (most) Jews. Can you say the same for the Palestinians and their supporters?

    I look forward to your responses Michael and Andrew. Particularly how the PSC justifies its assiciation with Neo Nazis and jewhate racism.

  • Miranda

    Elliot’s makes an outrageous and unsupported allegation that PSC has an association with ‘Nazis’.

    Readers might wish to know that PSC is an anti-racist organisation. If Elliot has information to support his accusations regarding ‘Nazis’, he should make them known.

    If he has n’t such information, he should desist from draining the word racism of meaning by treating Fascism so lightly.

  • If you think about it, the Jewish people are doing the exact same thing the Romans did to them. Somewhat of a Arab version of the diaspora has occurred, the bombings in villages are the Arabs Masada. They even face the same raisicsm the Jews did in Europe. There is not a thing that makes the Palestinians lesser than the Jews, and they don’t deserve this.

    Israeli’s may claim that their ancestors ‘stole’ this land from them, but think about it this way. Your walking down the street one day when a boy comes up and punches you, you ask him why and he says it was because your grandfather stole his grandfathers toy car on the playground when he was seven.

    Think about it this way, England used to occupy a large portion of the world, eventually they lost most of this land. You don’t see England taking a break from tea time to go kick some Australians, Americans, or Canadians out of there homeland.

  • Joe

    Real Truth about Israel. I dared you to watch this presentation.
    Palestinians belongs to Palestine and Israelis belongs to no where….

  • Mary Hughes Thompson

    Mr Sugarman’s statements are dishonest. The U.N. has never said Jews can live in occupied Palestine. Some Jews have been allowed to live in part of historic Palestine, but the zionists’ unmitigated avarice has made them steal what is not theirs. They have refused to allow Palestinians to return home, which is their right under international law. Israel has violated dozens of U.N. resolutions, and no country in the world accepts their claim they can move their population into occupied territory. Israel is an apartheid state which cannot be allowed to continue its terrorist activities against the people who are the true natives of the land of Palestine, including what that part now called Israel.

  • Robert Erskine

    What a weak strand Mr Andrew Dolan has puffed up into but a waffer thin article.


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