Sweets and savouries

L’Eau à la Bouche, 49 Broadway Market

L’EAU à la Bouche is a busy, well stocked deli and patisserie. It would be hard not to come out of here with a basket full of goodies, and perhaps a little present for grande-mère too.

Su Sazzagoni, 136 Lauriston Road, Victoria Park

Strictly speaking, Su Sazzagoni is more of a restaurant than a deli, but the delicatessen aspect of this Sardinian eatery makes it worth a mention. Those who prefer to have their food prepared for them can watch Su Sazzagoni’s chefs do so at the long tables that provide indoor seating. Alternatively, diners can sit outdoors under sapling olive trees.

Belle Epoque, 37 Newington Green

A nostalgic yet orderly atmosphere greets you as you walk through the door. Owners Eric and Hulya Rousseau are maintaining the French tradition of beautifully crafted multi-layered pastries. Their kitchen downstairs is factory of underground activity, undertaken by eight pastry chefs. Most of this goes unnoticed to customers in the shop, but La Belle Epoque pastries and cakes are sold to a major high-street retailer as well as on site. This is a little gem worth exploring.

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Lemon Monkey, 188 Stoke Newington High Street

Lemon Monkey boasts an eclectic array of high quality French goods on sale, and the best Fairtrade coffee this side of N16. Watch out for their lunchtime specials, including quiche and salad, and duck salad. The café also hosts popular evening events, including live music and art exhibitions.

L’Epicerie, 56 Chatsworth Road

L’Epicerie definitely stands out from the more modest shops and cafés on Chatsworth Road. Though the prices here are somewhat higher than those in most of the street’s food shops, the quality of what’s on offer means that this newish establishment has quickly developed a dedicated following.

Trattoria Sapori, 44-45 Newington Green

A stone’s throw away from Hackney on Newington Green is a brand new Italian deli. Try their Italian-style Sunday breakfast. Lots of authentic Italian dishes that are hard to get over here. All pizzas, pastas and breads are made on the premises using the finest flour, whilst fresh baby food is prepared to order and to go.

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