Polly Lane, Green parliamentary candidate for Hackney South

Polly Lane, Green parliamentary candidate for Hackney South

Polly Lane is the Green parliamentary candidate for Hackney South & Shoreditc and has lived in the borough for over 10 years.

She is currently studying for a law degree and is Equalities and Diversity coordinator on the Green party’s national Executive.

Having a life-long interest in politics, Polly Lane has been politically active for many years and has previously stood in local council elections. She has a degree in Politics & Sociology and a Masters Degree in Gender and Culture.

Polly’s vision for Hackney South & Shoreditch includes the transforming of community centres and schools into places where skills learning, sports, hobbies and arts will be available to all, along with childcare facilities.

Championing local democracy, social justice and environmental sustainability the Greens campaign to:

Tackle poverty

Create local jobs

Grow sustainable communities with strong links to schools across Hackney

Abolish fuel poverty through better housing

Tackle climate change through community action

Create a new politics for the twenty-first century:

A new century demands a whole new way of doing things – Green politics

Improve community engagement:

The Greens put the welfare of the people and the community first

Vote Polly Lane – a strong and radical choice

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Note: this article was originally published 30 March 2010 and was then re-published 25 April 2010.