Cazenove by-election: Patrick Pinkerton retains Labour’s seat by just 136 votes

Newly elected councillor Patrick Pinkerton (left) awaits the results. Photograph: Maya Sall

Labour’s Patrick Pinkerton narrowly come out on top in last night’s Cazenove ward by-election.

It means Labour have retained the seat vacated by their former councillor Eluzer Goldberg, who resigned in May.

Pinkerton won with 1,974 votes, beating Conservative candidate Hershi Moskovits by a slim majority of 136.

In his acceptance speech, Pinkerton said: “It’s been a long day and long morning, but I look forward to working really hard to represent the people of Cazenove and to work for the great London borough of Hackney.”

Mayor Caroline Woodley, who was a Cazenove counillor herself prior to being elected to the top job, told the Citizen: “He’s an all-round good guy and I’m absolutely thrilled for him.

“He’s an excellent candidate and I’m really proud of what he’s achieved.”

Turnout for the by-election was boosted by the General Election, which took place at the same time, with just over half of Cazenove residents casting a vote. This is up significantly from the ward’s January by-election, in which turnout was 32 per cent.

The Green Party also saw gains, with their candidate Tamara Micner earning triple the number of votes that she received in January. She came in third place with 1,170 votes.

Dalston councillor and co-leader of the Hackney Green Party, Zoë Garbett, said: “The surge in the Green Party’s vote share echoes the bigger picture that we’re seeing.

“People are coming out to vote Green, and those changes are being felt both locally and nationally.”

Here are the full results in order of votes received:

Patrick Pinkerton, Labour Party, 1,974

Hershi Moskovits, Conservative Party, 1,838

Tamara Micner, Green Party, 1,170

Ken Gabbott-Rolph, Liberal Democrats, 150

Faisal Riyaj Ibji, Independent, 147