Windrush grant winner Wayne Snooze to have his art displayed on billboards across Hackney

Artist Wayne Snooze at work. Photograph: courtesy Hackney Council

Hackney artist Wayne Snooze will have his work put up in lights across the borough next week – after he won the first ever Windrush Amplified Art grant.

Snooze’s series of screen prints of Jamaica, called Stories from St. Thomas, will be displayed on billboards in Dalston and Hackney Wick from next Monday until the end of June.

The artworks were inspired by the artist’s background as a child of Jamaican immigrants who arrived in the UK during the Windrush era.

The works were created using a screen printing technique. Image: courtesy Hackney Council

Snooze said: “I’m deeply committed to portraying the authentic experiences and valuable contributions of the Windrush community through my artwork, by challenging stereotypes and misconceptions, while honouring the resilience and cultural richness of this community.

“This series seeks to celebrate the richness of the Jamaican experience and provide insight into a world often overlooked or misunderstood.”

His images were inspired by the hand-drawn signs used by Jamaican businesses, and were created using the same traditional screen printing technique.

Snooze wanted to ‘celebrate the richness of the Jamaican experience’. Image: courtesy Hackney Council

The £3,000 Windrush Amplified Art grant was launched as part of Hackney’s microgrants programme for this year’s Windrush festival.

Snooze was selected by the council’s culture team with help from renowned visual artist Dr Pogus Caesar.

Caesar described the work as “extremely original in the use of traditional methods, which is rare these days”.

“A new head with old thoughts that screams heritage in a silent way,” he added.

Snooze’s series will be on show on Chapman Road, Dalston Lane and Kingsland Road.

As part of the project, the artist will also lead a screen printing workshop to explore the connections of Caribbean islands and how those from the diaspora have flourished in the UK.

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