Girl, 9, remains in critical condition following Dalston shooting – as detectives urge people to come forward

An image of the motorcycle used by the suspect. Photograph: Met Police

A nine-year-old girl remains in critical condition after she was shot last week in Dalston, detectives revealed as they renewed calls for people to come forward with information.

The girl and three men were injured when a lone motorcyclist fired into Evin restaurant on Kingsland High Street at around 9.20pm on 29 May.

The men, aged 37, 42 and 44, have since been discharged from hospital.

Hackney police chief James Conway said: “Our investigation team has been working tirelessly to piece together what happened and to identify the dangerous individual responsible for this shocking and indiscriminate act of violence.

“We will always be directed by the evidence and a critical line of enquiry has been the potential link to Turkish-originating organised criminal networks.

“Sadly, a nine-year-old girl who was simply having dinner with her family is now in a hospital bed fighting for her life.

“It is therefore important we find out the details of the individual who carried out this horrific attack and those involved in the planning.”

James Conway (right) with Hackney Mayor Caroline Woodley last week. Photograph: Met Police

Conway added: “Our investigation continues at pace but, if you have information, if you know who was involved, you can do the right thing and share the information with us completely anonymously.

“You might be a friend, partner or a family member of someone that you suspect may be involved.

“I urge you to search your heart to understand if your loyalty to friends or associates extends to covering up for an innocent child being shot.”

The suspect’s motorbike was a Ducati Monster with a white body, red chassis and red wheels. In 2021, the bike was stolen from a property in Wembley and at the time of the shooting was displaying the registration DP21 OXY.

Conway said: “The incident has left the residents of Hackney, and the wider Turkish and Kurdish communities shocked and appalled.

“In addition to my direct appeal to those involved in the wider issues, I would also ask that anyone from these communities who may have information about the shooting or the events leading up to it, to please come forward and speak to police.

“We are also reissuing two images of the suspect motorbike and want to hear from anyone who might recognise it. We are particularly keen to hear from you if you saw this motorbike on the day of the incident. Or if perhaps you saw it being parked up in a driveway or any other specific locations.”

Anyone with information can call 101 or our dedicated incident room on 020 8345 3865 or pass information on anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online via

Information can also be shared directly with the police via the dedicated online portal here: