Blue pellets have been found mixed with dog treats around Hackney

Pet owners have been warned to keep an eye out after people reported finding treats laced with rat poison across Hackney.

Residents say they have found the poisoned pet food in various locations, including London Fields and close to Daubeney Fields.

Facebook user Graham Ryder told a local group of a discovery in Homerton.

He said: “BEWARE. Cat/dog treats put out with poison in Homerton near the green bridge – where our cat disappeared from five days ago.”

Ryder wasn’t the only concerned social media user to report the findings.


Writer Louis Staples posted an image to his Twitter feed of the treats last week, adding: “Dog owners in Hackney! Someone evil has allegedly put rat poison in dog treats on London Fields.

“Words honestly fail me, but please watch your dogs on walks in case there are more that haven’t been found!”

Resident Jessica Thomas told the Evening Standard: “Have had reports from two people who have had their dogs poisoned by treats left in the park laced with rat poison!”

Sadly, she revealed that one of the dogs had not survived.

Laced treats can often be identified as they are mixed with small blue pellets which can contain Brodifacoum or Bromadiolone, commonly used household rat killers that when ingested by pets can cause serious harm or death.

The Metropolitan Police told the Citizen that the incidents are not currently on their central radar despite residents saying they had notified officers.

Nevertheless, Hackney Council is urging local people to inform the police if they find the poisoned treats.

A Town Hall spokesperson said: “We have asked our street cleansing teams to look out for these and will dispose of them if found, however we’d urge people to contact the police if they spot any poisoned pet food on the floor.”