Titbits – European dreams and gambling regimes

Titbits bird◆ A questionable piece of rhetoric from Mayor Glanville on Twitter as he insisted that Hackney “is and will always remain European”. Assuming his geography is up to scratch, the borough’s eager Remainers will be hoping the Mayor knows something they don’t. Is it a sign that a People’s Vote is in the offing? Burrowing deeper into the rabbit hole, maybe it’s a hint that secret plans are afoot to turn Hackney into the Monaco of the UK, an east London microstate free to join the EU? If the number of luxury flats cropping up is anything to go by…

◆ Council officers recently found themselves hoisted by their own petards somewhat when trying to find out the odds on Prime Minister Theresa May successfully navigating last month’s no-confidence vote. Spoiler alert: she did. The unfortunate Town Hallers found themselves stymied by their employer’s servers, which block the use of gambling websites. All the more surprising given Hackney’s recent property investments suggest the council isn’t opposed to the odd flutter.

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