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Homerton nurse recognised at first ever national awards for health volunteers

‘Eye-opener’: Yusuf Hossenbaccus enjoyed the ceremony. Photograph: Rachael Halliday / Twitter

A Homerton Hospital nurse last week won recognition at the first ever national awards for health volunteers and their supporters.

Yusuf Hossenbaccus, the lead nurse in the hospital’s outpatients department, finished runner-up in the staff category at a ceremony for the inaugural Helpforce Champions Awards on 8 November.

He was shortlisted for his continuing work in encouraging and supporting the hospital’s volunteering group Homerton Helpers.

Helpforce is a national movement working to improve the lives of NHS staff, patients and communities through the power of volunteering.

It says it is partnering with hospitals and health workers to create the future of volunteering in the NHS, with the aim of making community-integrated healthcare the norm across the UK.

Yusuf said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the awards ceremony and it was an eye-opener to hear from so many wonderful people who give their time to their local NHS.

“I learnt many lessons and have brought back ideas for us to adapt for Homerton in future.”

Dawn Budge, the Homerton’s volunteer coordinator said: “We were very proud of Yusuf being shortlisted for these first national awards recognising volunteers and those who support them.”

Rachael Halliday, the hospital’s head of patient experience, tweeted: “Congratulations to Yusuf Hossenbaccus on achieving 2nd place in the National Awards for Health Volunteers as an ‘Outstanding Staff Champion’! I’m so proud of you!”

Helpforce founder Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett said in the lead-up to the ceremony: “We have been humbled to see so many examples of inspiring volunteering from across the country.

“We know the benefits that well managed volunteers bring, with substantial improvements in patient care and positive feedback from NHS staff.

“Helpforce is on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to enjoy being part of the health and care of British people, and I look forward to celebrating and thanking all those volunteers who are giving so much.”

Homerton Helpers is open to anyone aged 18 or over who can spare a minimum of three hours a week for at least six months.

You don’t need previous experience of volunteering or working in a hospital to apply.

The Homerton is looking for individuals who are reliable, friendly and approachable, and committed to making a difference.

For more details about volunteering, and how to apply, head to

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