Street artist to stage ‘dream gig’ for lyric-inspired solo show

Dscreet’s Everybody Knows, based on the Leonard Cohen song. Image: courtesy of the artist and BSMT

A street artist whose signature owl can be found on walls across east London will present his latest solo show in Stoke Newington this month – and it’s set to be a hoot.

Dscreet, a member of the innovative Burning Candy graffiti crew, will launch a two-week exhibition, titled Top 40 Covers, at BSMT Space on 18 October.

The gallery will be transformed into the setting of a dream gig, filled with musical instruments and Dscreet’s paintings of song lyrics from his favourite chart hits – always accompanied by his famous owl.

The work represents the poetry, drama and wisdom contained within 40 seminal songs.

The exhibition also features Dscreet’s “karaoke films”, including a performance of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence by Mexican pan pipe buskers.

On opening night, the gallery will play host to sets from guest DJs, live musical performances, and even karaoke – “so you can literally sing along with the paintings”, says a BSMT spokesperson.

A piece inspired by Van Morrison’s Moondance. Image: courtesy of the artist and BSMT

They added: “Dscreet has been floating around the world for over 25 years painting his favourite song lyrics from these chart-topping hit singles alongside his unmistakable owl.

“These lyrics are created by the songsmith bards of our time – Jimi Hendrix was as enigmatic as Lord Byron, Slayer as provocative as Socrates, Wutang evoke worlds as rich as Shakespeare’s.

“This lyricism is vital as a container of our times and Dscreet has been inspired to create visions to amplify the sound.”

The show runs from 18 October until 1 November  at BSMT Space, 5d Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BH.

If you’re interested in going along to the opening night spectacular, contact

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