Hackney Liberal Democrats announce candidate for Victoria ward by-election

Liberal Democrat candidate Pippa Morgan. Photograph: Hackney Lib Dems

Hackney Liberal Democrats have revealed their hopeful for the upcoming by-election in Victoria ward – triggered by the decision of Labour’s Alex Kuye to step down earlier this month because of ill health.

Pippa Morgan, a former parliamentary researcher for party leader Vince Cable, will be on the ballot paper in her home ward on 18 October.

Morgan has lived in Hackney for six years, and currently runs the public affairs arm of a major UK manufacturing company.

She was previously head of education at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), advising firms on how to engage with schools and provide opportunities for young people.

She said: “Victoria has been my home for three and a half years, Hackney for six. It’s an area I love. That’s why I’d like to fight to represent my ward because Labour take it for granted, just like Hackney as whole.

“The Labour councillors are essentially invisible in Victoria and residents are rightly demanding better from the people who are supposed to represent them.”

Morgan, who grew up in Manchester, is a keen cyclist – racing competitively as well as commuting to and from work every day by bike.

She also holds a history degree from Cambridge University.

Morgan is making Brexit a cornerstone of her pitch, adding: “Currently Hackney Council is made up of just Labour and Tories, two illiberal Brexit supporting parties.

“The Lib Dems have fought Brexit from the start and residents deserve liberal, pro-European representation on their council as the challenges of Brexit begin to bite Hackney.”

The Victoria ward by-election was triggered when Labour councillor Alex Kuye resigned earlier this month, with his party agreeing that “he would find it impossible to manage his role effectively as a councillor and cope with illness”.

Key dates for the 18 October by-election are:

Deadline to register to vote – midnight on 2 October 2018

New postal vote application deadline – 5pm on 3 October 2018

New proxy vote application deadline – 5pm on 10 October 2018

For more information, get in touch with Electoral Services at electoralservices@hackney.gov.uk or on 020 8356 3232

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