No Paine no gain: New exhibition to bring ‘feel-good factor’ to Homerton Hospital

‘Dynamic’: Neville Paine’s work is exhibited all over the world. Photograph: courtesy of the artist and Homerton Hospital

A new exhibition of “sumptuous” landscapes and collages is set to bring a “feel-good factor” to patients and staff at Homerton Hospital when it arrives next month.

British artist Neville Paine’s Just Floating Around will adorn the walls of the hospital’s Education Centre from 11 October until 30 March 2019.

Paine was born in the UK in 1948 and now lives in Aude in the south of France – the inspiration for his sun-kissed paintings and abstract collages.

It will be the first time his work has been on display at the Homerton.

Paine’s art is often experimental and abstract. Photograph: courtesy of the artist and Homerton Hospital

The hospital’s art curator Shaun Caton said: “The whole ethos of presenting Neville’s dynamic and beautiful work is to give a feel-good factor, which many patients and staff can enjoy.

“His sumptuous paintings of colourful landscapes, and the birds he encounters in the region, offer the viewer a playful sense of experimentation.”

Caton says the artist captures the scenery around him “in a series of abstractions from nature, where fields and treelines merge into oblongs and blocks of colour, juxtaposed against one another and offset by a luminescent sky”.

He added: “The paintings are as much about paint, and how it can be used to create wonderful impressions and incredible textures, as they are about the landscapes of the south of France.”

Paine’s collages, in which he uses a wide variety of colours and shapes, will also be on show.

“These works on paper are formed from fragments of sheared paper to represent birds – namely crows – alighting on fields and trees, scattered leaves, and wind-blown debris,” Caton said.

“He is also creating something of a homage to Picasso with a recreation of Harlequin, wearing the familiar chequered costume.”

Homerton Hospital’s art curator Shaun Caton.

Caton, an artist himself, oversees thousands of paintings at the hospital, and runs the popular art room in the hospital’s Regional Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (RNRU).

He has curated 58 exhibitions since taking on the role in 1995, and says he is proud to have supported many local artists by showing their work throughout the hospital.

Neville Paine’s Just Floating Around will be on show in the Education Centre at Homerton Hospital from 11 October 2018 until 30 March 2019.

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