News / 19 June, 2017

Finsbury Park attack: shadow home secretary Diane Abbott calls for review of mosque security

Counter-terrorism police investigating after van strikes pedestrians, killing one, in Seven Sisters Road, Islington

Police officers at Finsbury Park following the attack

Police officers at the scene following an hour after the attack last night. Photograph: Hackney Citizen

Following a return to her role as shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott has called for a review of security around all mosques after an attack on worshippers at Finsbury Park that has left one person dead.

A van driver ploughed into a crowd of worshippers at around 12.20am last night, killing one man and injuring eight others in what police have called a “major incident”.

The attack took place as worshippers they left Finsbury Park Mosque in St Thomas’s Road, Islington, following Ramadan prayers.

Local police officers arrived on the scene, supported by armed police and the Territorial Support Group.

Counter Terrorism officers are investigating the incident.

Shomrin, a Jewish ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ scheme that covers Stamford Hill, Hackney and Haringey has condemned the attack via Twitter, saying: “We stand together in solidarity with the victims of the horrific terrorist attack in Finsbury Park.Thoughts and prayers with all those affected.”

Prime minister Theresa May said police were treating the incident in Finsbury Park “as a potential terrorist attack”.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose constituency includes Finsbury Park, has said he was “totally shocked”.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has condemned the “horrific terrorist attack” on “innocent Londoners”.

Due to the nature of this incident extra policing resources have been deployed in order to reassure communities, especially those observing Ramadan.

London ambulance service said the eight injured were taken to three hospitals, and an unknown number of others were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The van driver, a 48-year-old man, has been arrested at the scene by the police after being detained by members of public.

He has been taken to hospital as a precaution and will also undergo a mental health assessment.

/ 19 June, 2017
  • I’ve posted about this in more detail on Summary here:

    Our thoughts are with all those affected by the horrific attack on innocent Londoners in Finsbury Park in the early hours of this morning. We echo the words of the London Mayor Sadiq Khan that this was an attack on our shared values. It is especially poignant that this attack happened on a weekend that thousands of people around the country came together to celebrate the life of MP Jo Cox.

    But if we want this to stop, we have to look at the reasons. Check out my image on (Hackney Citizen’s software doesn’t allow me to post an image here alas). If we allow the Tory press, and others, to stir up racial hatred, we can’t be surprised when some mad/bad people take it a step further. Jo Cox, the Polish guy in Harlow, and now today, they were all victims of this. We have to tackle the root causes; yes that means stopping ISIS and terrorists associated with them, but it also means stopping the UK inciting our own racial hatred too. Our country is more divided than it has been for many years, but there is plenty we could do to change that if there was the political will at the top.

  • Edward

    Corbyn Abbott & Khan continue to politicise these horrid events with the usual sound bites and personal appearances calling for this that & the other. Don’t be fooled by these 3 charlatans. The only person doing any real work is the PM.

  • Edward

    & of course our emergency services who never stop working.

  • Simon


    dont see any politicising but given that the mosque is in Jermey Corbyn’s constituency and right on border of Dianne Abbot’s would anyone think it was OK if they didnt go there?

  • Simon

    and in fact your weak promotion of the PM as the only one doing any real work ( before you
    belatedly remembered to name check the emergency services ) looks like you are the only one politicising here

  • Edward

    @Simon… It’s my opinion. I wasn’t asking for your approval or agreement.

  • Diane Abbott refers to 2 previous terrorist attacks as “incident” but this one as a “terrorist attack”.
    Not to nit-pick but whats the difference? Why the careful parsing of words? Hypocrite much?

  • Jason

    The last two comments above shows people are not taken in by Corbynastics! Good observations about Abbott it’s trending on Twitter too.


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