A still from Century: 10 Women x 10 Decades: A Celebration of the Women of London. Photograph: 1,000 Londoners.

A still from Century: 10 Women x 10 Decades. Photograph: 1,000 Londoners.

International Women’s Day this Wednesday 8 March will see the screening of a new documentary at the Hackney Attic on Mare Street as part of the day’s festivities.

Century: 10 Women x 10 Decades combines cinematic portraits and archival footage. The production company Chocolate Films aims to showcase the narratives of real women living in London.

The film will portray authentic human stories and the love of the city shared by all the contributors and subjects.

Another still from the film. Photograph: 1,000 Londoners.

Another still from the film. Photograph: 1,000 Londoners.

Following the success of their project ‘1,000 Londoners’ the film promises to provide intimate portraits of London women ranging between the ages of 0-100, featuring one from each decade.

It will offer a unique insight into the lives of ordinary women in London and celebrate their impact and influence in the community.

The event is being run in partnership with the UN’s HeForShe Arts Week. 1,000 Londoners Movie Nights are also supported by the BFI and Film London.

‘Century: 10 Women X 10 Decades’ will be shown at the Hackney Attic on March 8 at 7.30. Tickets to the event are £5 and are available here

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