Firewalkers hotfoot it to fundraise for local hospice

Firewalking feat: Rhasan Brunner crosses the coals

Firewalking feat: Rhasan Brunner crosses the coals. Photograph: Mark In Time Photography

A group of 33 daring volunteers walked barefoot across hot coals on Wednesday for St Joseph’s Hospice, raising over £11,000 for the charity.

A motivational coach was on hand to banish any last minute cold feet from participants who were tasked with crossing the embers, averaging at temperatures of above 650 Celsius.

Volunteers included St Joseph’s staff, a firefighter and people walking in memory of a loved one.

Local firefighter Joe Jackson said: “My relationship with fire is a close one but I never thought I would walk on it.

“It was an unexpected twist and it was hard to resist putting out the fire with the buckets of water that were set up at the end of the walk for those with hot toes.

“It was an amazing opportunity and I hope to be back for some more fundraising in the future!”

Another participant with hot feet, Rhasan Brunner, said: “Who knew firewalking could be so much fun. Not just the walk but the pre-walk motivational training was superb.”

St Joseph’s Hospice supports people with terminal illness and their families, focusing on more than just the physical symptoms of illness by taking into account the emotional and psychological impact on patients and their families.

The hospice costs over £14 million to run each year, with half of that dependent on charitable donations.

A spokesperson for the hospice said the firewalk offered something a bit different to usual fundraising: “It’s a good thing to say you’ve done. Not everyone can run 13 miles but you just need a bit of willpower to cross hot coals.”