Ian Rathbone shortlisted for Trustee of the Year award for ‘tireless’ HCLC work

Ian Rathbone with Hughes Cousins Chang_460_HCLC

Ian Rathbone at HCLC’s London City Hall youth debate with Hughes Cousins-Chang

Ian Rathbone has been shortlisted for a Trustee of the Year Award in recognition of his “tireless work” at Hackney Community Law Centre (HCLC).

The Guardian newspaper’s Trustee Awards were set up to in order to celebrate the “unsung heroes” of the charity and voluntary sector.

Mr Rathbone, also a councillor for Lea Bridge Ward, has been a trustee of HCLC for 18 years. He was made Chair five years ago when the centre became threatened with closure.

Sean Canning, Manager at HCLC, said that during this difficult period Mr Rathbone “worked night and day” to keep the community law centre open.

Mr Canning said: “Ian Rathbone has served our Law Centre tirelessly over the last 18 years. Staff and clients know that they can always call on him for support in times of need.

“When HCLC was threatened with closure a few years ago, Ian worked day and night to keep us open. Being a trustee of a charity is hard work and an often thankless task.

“We therefore want to celebrate Ian and let him know how much his efforts as the Chair of HCLC are appreciated and recognized by everyone here”.

Voting for the awards ends today (12 November) at midnight. The winners will be announced on Friday 14 November.

Follow this link to vote for Ian Rathbone as Trustee of the Year.