Titbits – The ‘detour’ de France, gentrificleansing and World Cup cartography



■ The hashtag brouhaha that followed the Bonneville pub’s PR disaster has at least given something back to the community – in the form of a new word. Forget whitewash and gentrification, the new word ‘gentrificleansing’ is a handy portmanteau of both. The jury is still out as to its exact meaning.

■ Cycling fanatics drooling at the thought of the Tour de France careering through the streets of Hackney may have their hopes punctured when they see the route map. The course edges over the border of the borough into Hackney Wick from Ruckholt Road, speeds down picturesque East Way and nips down Waterden Road before heading back into Stratford. The ‘detour’ de France will not be making a full-blown appearance in Hackney but is just popping in to say a brief hello as the oven is still on over in Newham.

■  Though this newspaper tends to steer a ‘careful path’ around sporting events, the World Cup perhaps deserves a cursory mention if only for the useful ethnography it provides of Hackney’s citizens. Ghanaians have been gathering in Clapton while Algerians have set off fireworks in Finsbury Park. The non-qualifying Turks in Dalston left the flags in the cellar while the English and Spanish drown their sorrows down the Adam and Eve and Cat and Mutton respectively. The chants and car horns provide an entertaining guide to where all our loyalties lie.