Sunstone Gym

Closing: Sunstone Health and Leisure club in Stoke Newington. Photograph: © Lucy Fisher (creative commons)

Sunstone Health and Leisure Club, a women-only gym in Stoke Newington, has unexpectedly closed down.

Michael Sinclair, the owner of Sunstone Health and Leisure Club told the Hackney Citizen he was “devastated” that he could no longer keep the business going.

He said: “After piling in untold thousands of pounds in the last couple of years in particular (which will lead to my selling up my home of the last thirty years) and despite a wonderful, dynamic and supportive team here now and ongoing publicity, the numbers would not add up and there was no alternative but to admit defeat to the recession and other challenges.”

“Sunstone has been the centre of the multi-ethnic, multicultural society which makes Stoke Newington and neighbouring  areas so unique and so attractive.  Although I was not on the “shopfloor” because Sunstone is for women only, I am proud of the service, goodwill and warmth we were able to offer.

“I have been touched by the messages of sympathy and understanding from so many at the loss of my “baby” who grew into a mature and responsible and supportive pillar of the community.”

When asked, Mr Sinclair said he could not yet say whether those holding memberships for Sunstone gym would be reimbursed.

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