Macaulay Culkin plays gig at new Clapton pizza delivery shop

Topping idea: Macaulay Culkin plays with his band Pizza Underground at

Topping gig: Macaulay Culkin performs with The Pizza Underground in Lower Clapton

Macaulay Culkin and his comedy covers outfit The Pizza Underground surprised Lower Clapton Road with a slice of vintage rock ’n’ roll at a new pizza delivery shop last night.

The band, complete with cracking harmonies, dark sunglasses and a pizza-box percussionist, raced through a cheesy repertoire of pun-infused Velvet Underground numbers at the pre-launch of Yard Sale Pizza – set to open in June.

The Home Alone star and his mates squeezed behind the counter of the restaurant to perform a medley of rehashed classics, including ‘Pizza Day’ and ‘Take a Bite of the Wild Slice’, to a small, select gathering of pizza lovers.

Dan Spinney, co-founder of Yard Sale Pizza, said: “Our pre-launch party was lots of fun. It was great to fire up our new oven for some pizza with friends and I still can’t quite believe we had Macaulay Culkin and his band playing.”

Following what was their first live performance in a pizza kitchen since forming in 2012, the band set off in a taxi to begin their UK tour while the audience hung around to sample some of the goods on offer.

Yard Sale Pizza started a year ago as an underground side project for Spinney and fellow Hackney residents Johnnie Tate and Nick Buckland.

Armed with a self-built wood-burning oven and a shared passion for the doughy snack, the trio impressed parties of friends and family with classic combinations, creative twists and quality ingredients. With word spreading, they decided to commit to the endeavour full-time and set about securing their first permanent site.

Yard Sale Pizza, 105 Lower Clapton, E5 0NP