New East London publishers Hoxton Mini Press launch Kickstarter campaign

50 People of East London. Image: Hoxton Mini Press

50 People of East London. Image: Hoxton Mini Press

A ‘spotter’s guide’ to the people of the East End will be one of the first books to be produced by a new start-up publisher specialising in fine arts.

Hoxton Mini Press, founded by Martin Usborne – a photographer who has lived and worked in East London for 15 years – and his wife Ann Waldvogel, aims to capture the character of the area through a series of beautiful books launching on Kickstarter this month.

Backers can pledge funds to help the company get off the ground and will be rewarded with discounts on ‘early bird’ orders of collectable editions.

Mr Usborne has already published one book through Kickstarter.

The first two titles his new company will publish are I’ve Lived in East London for 85-and-a-half Years, a study by Mr Usborne of Joseph Markovitch, an elderly man the photographer met in Hoxton Square, and Shoreditch-based illustrator Adam Dant’s 50 People of East London.

Ms Waldvogel describes the latter as “a spotter’s guide to the type of people who live in East London. Some of them are infuriating and some of them have lived in East London for years and years, since long before the arrival of the hipsters”.

The titles are set to be published as hardcover books in November.