Freedom of tweets: The Twitter logo. Photograph: Twitter

Freedom of tweets: The Twitter logo. Photograph: Twitter

Teachers at Bridge Academy are to begin using the social networking site Twitter to talk to students.

They will be encouraged by their bosses to set homework, share learning resources and communicate with pupils online via their personal accounts.

The announcement follows a pilot by a group of students and teachers led by Assistant Vice-Principal Kate O’Shaughnessy.

Staff will get training in how to use Twitter and will be taught about its potential dangers.

A Bridge Academy spokesperson said: “In order to ensure that the social media site is used appropriately, we will be training teachers and students on how to use Twitter safely and legally.

“It is important that all staff and students understand the privacy measures that need to be in place to comply with our safeguarding policies. The ability to access Twitter on site has been considered carefully, with new ICT infrastructures being installed to facilitate the new programme.”