Hackney detective wins national Women in Policing award

Shabnam Chaudri BAWP

Proud moment: Detective Chief Inspector Shabnam Chaudhri with her award. Photograph: Metropolitan Police

A Hackney police officer has won a national award for her work tackling hate crimes, forced marriages and for promoting diversity within the Metropolitan Police.

Detective Chief Inspector Shabnam Chaudri was presented with a British Association for Women in Policing award last week, after 23 years on the police force.

Superintendent Leroy Logan, who nominated DCI Chaudri for the award, called the DCI, “One of the top ranking Asian female detectives in the country,” and added: “She thoroughly deserves this award for the hard work, tenacity and determination she’s shown at the Met.”

During her tenure at the Met, DCI Chaudri has contributed to changes in the National Forced Marriage Policy and improved diversity by working to bring more black and ethnic minority officers into the force.

Her achievements include helping to locate a victim of forced marriage who was taken to India after she was told her grandmother was ill. The girl was returned to the UK thanks in part to the officer’s exertions. Commenting on this incident, DCI Chaudri said she was “particularly proud”.

Superintendent Logan said of DCI Chaudri’s nomination: “It was an extremely easy choice. She deserves this award for the hard work, tenacity and determination she’s shown at the Met. She has a ‘can-do’ attitude and always does whatever she can to help others. She is such a strong influence and an excellent role model.”

DCI Chaudri, who is from East London, commented: “It’s fantastic to get this leadership award. It’s an unbelievable accolade after 23 years at the Met.”