Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum committee

Cllr Linda Kelly (centre) with other members of the new Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum committee

Local residents in Stamford Hill have set up a new community group to improve the neighbourhood.

The Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum had its first meeting at  the Birdcage Pub on Wednesday 2 November, which was attended by around 60 residents.

Conservative councillor Linda Kelly was selected as its chair; its newly-installed vice-chairs are Liberal Democrat councillor Dawood Akoon, former Labour councillor Stephen Sartain and Mrs Sarah Lew. A committee of twelve was also elected to run the group.

Councillor Linda Kelly said: “I am very happy this Forum has been started. I firmly believe the Localism Bill is the first piece of legislation for a very long time which gives people back their rights, and an equal say on how their environment is developed not only for this generation but for future ones.

“I welcome the opportunities it offers to preserve our past and develop for a sustainable future; the success of this Bill is in our hands, not those of local councils.”

The Forum has been organised in anticipation of new powers to be given to local communities under the Localism Bill which is currently making its way through Parliament. The area it represents includes the the north Hackney wards of Lordship, Springfield and New River, together with the adjacent Haringey ward of Stamford Hill.

If and when they are passed into law, the provisions of the Bill will enable community organisations to propose alterations to planning and other regulations that affect their area.

The group aims to ensure the neighbourhoods covered by the Forum have a sustainable future, which it says it hopes to achieve by fostering community cohesion.