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Gormley and Hamnett give art to Arcola appeal

Gormley Arcola T-shirt

The last day of September saw famous figures from the art world helping the Arcola Theatre launch its first-ever public appeal to raise vital funds for the relocation and development of the theatre.

To support the appeal, the internationally-renowned artist Antony Gormley has donated an original art-work created just for Arcola which will be auctioned at a special gala event in December.

Gormley’s design will also be printed onto T-shirts which will be given to the first 200 individuals to make donations of £500 or over.

Speaking of his involvement in the appeal, Gormley expressed his delight with the partnership, stating: “Arcola Theatre is a great energetic and lively place for theatre.”

Fashion design legend and ethical clothing innovator Katharine Hamnett has also joined forces with Arcola and has revived her iconic 80s CHOOSE LIFE slogan T-shirt with a fitting new logo for the theatre – CHOOSE ARCOLA.

Mimicking the original design, these T-shirts will feature the new slogan in black lettering on a white shirt. They will be worn by Arcola staff and front of house managers as well as being available for purchase with all proceeds going towards the appeal.

The Arcola is seeking to raise £150,000 to enable it to construct the main house theatre of 200 seats as well as a further two studios, one to host up-and-coming theatre companies, and another to house the organisation’s burgeoning Youth and Community programme.

“This is the first time that Arcola have ever asked audiences for money”, said Artistic Director, Mehmet Ergen. “It’s undoubtedly a tough time to ask for donations, but we have a bold and ambitious vision for Arcola, and want everyone to know that they have a part to play in our future. Every single contribution counts.”

Donate online at, by phone 020 7503 1646, or post a cheque to:

Arcola Appeal
Arcola Theatre
27 Arcola Street
London E8 2DJ.

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